Sunday, September 22, 2013

#212 For the Love of "Meryl" ~ SeVereD GarDeN for Stalkerazzi Fashion Affair

Better Late than never, I suppose!
 I wanted to show you the newest release from SeVered GarDeN for the Stalkerazzi Fashion Affair Event. 
This outfit, as with most outfits from SeVered, are complete with shoes and accessories.

Meryl ~ Dark

My love for Severed items is untouched by other designers. I want to zoom in and show you the remarkable detail in this jacket and the boots.

You didn't have a chance to attend the event? Don't worry. Severed will be releasing this soon enough at their store in-world   SeVereD GarDeN . So just grap another cup of coffee and wait for it!!!  Everything worth having is worth waiting for!

Severed Garden:   Meryl~Dark

Hair:  (Milana) Taylor II Reds

Until Next time!!! ♥Ame