Wednesday, August 22, 2012

#172 A Casual Affair

I was looking for a soft casual look to share. This outfit jumped right out at me. It's not very expensive, only 135L, and it includes the shirt, jeans, shoes, bracelets, and a collar that I am not wearing in these photos.
I really love this look! So I am also wearing my favorite new hair from Magika (Volume).  You will see this hair style on me a few times, I'm afraid. I really am not ready to separate from it yet.
Style Card:
Skin: *CandyDoll* Leona Cream (Zodiac event)
Hair: *Magika* Volume 01 Naturals Pack (Blond)
Jewelry: *Bliensen + MaiTai*Fugen (The Wash 10L Cart Sale)
Ipod: *Bukka* iPod Touch Limited Keyholder (free on lucky board at Bukka)
Outfit: *Envious* Kindred Spirit
Until Next Time.....................................♥ Ame

Monday, August 20, 2012

#171 Oh Nadine!

When you love "retro" stuff like I do, then you know the best retro sims in SL.  My second favorite sim (Artilleri being the first) is "The Wash". And right now, The Wash is having a Cart Sale. The sale includes multiple designers, selling items for 10L. It's a fun way to shop, so do not miss this sale!

Anyway, I was shopping and this dress caught my eye. It was hanging in the Artilleri store in the Wash. I really love this look, so I felt compelled to share.

What I'm Wearing:
Skin: *Al Vulo* Tabata 1968 Hippie Cleavage Bronze (Free Al Vulo group gift August)
Hair: *Magika* Volume 01 Naturals Pack (Brown)
*N@N@* Xclusive Fashioniste Set (The Wash 10L Cart Sale)
Dress: *Artilleri* Nadine Dress (White)
Shoes: *G Field* Wedge Platform Shoes "Dorothy"- White

Until Next Time..........................♥ Ame

Ps. I am still having Issues with Blogger not allowing me to resize my photo's. So, If you want to see larger Images you can see them on my Flickr page at

Saturday, August 18, 2012

#170 Sea Hole Look Aurelie

This week has been so exhausting that I really haven't had time to put together anything new for you guys. So I went to the Sea Hole mainstore. I really love that store. It seems I never blog Drinkenstein's stuff. So here I am with this new outfit that I really adore.

I've never seen SL capri pants with ruffles. I don't know why I love ruffles so much. Now, I'm not talking circa 1985 prom-dress ruffles. I am talking about those simple antique ruffles that scream "I'm a girl and I love lace" ruffles. This type of retro-ism is slowly making a come-back in the SL fashion scene. (Now if we could just get someone like Donna Karan of New York, to pick up on this!) However, I am not a fashion lobbiest. So I will not make it my life's mission to press on with this issue.

Style Card:

Skin: *Pink Fuel* Elly (honey) Angelic
Hair: *Elikatira* Thrive (Blonde 01) Bright Blondes pack (Available at Collabor88)
Hair Flower: *LaGyo* Bizarre Flower Headpiece (Available at Collabor88)
Eyes: Fateyes v2.0 (HUD included)
Earrings: *(Glow) Studio* Utopia Earrings (Black) (Available at TDR)
Necklace: *(Glow) Studio* Abstract Necklace (TDR)
Ring (R): *Maxi Gossamer* Roho Ring (Color change)
Ring (L): *LaGyo*Cherub Ring (Available at Collabor88)
Shirt: *The Sea Hole* Aurelie Top (Blush)
Pants: *The Sea Hole* Aurelie Paige Britches (Clay)

Until Next time..........................................................♥ Ame

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

#169 Marketplace!

I am pretty excited to announce that I have released this new outfit on the Marketplace.

Your *AE* Eden Dress link for Marketplace:

Or you can pick it up in SL at the Apeck's Expose Headquarters.

Until Next time! .......♥Ame

AlVulo Petite Mesh in G Field Style

I recently discovered the power of Mesh Avatar! I really wanted an avatar that was a little different. So when I went to AlVulo, I saw this cute little Fae avatar. I love it!

The Avatar was the first find. The second find was the Petite store at G Field. They have the cutest little outfit for the Avatar.

Style Card:
Mesh Avatar:  AlVulo Petite Polly 2 Porcelain
Hair: *Magika* Cori (resized to fit)
Eyes: Fate eyes
Glasses: *Gatherings* Petite Eyeglasses (Red)
Skirt: *GF* Frill shorts (ivory) for petites
Shirt: *GF* Flower&Lace Top-Pink
Shoes: *GF* Long Cuff Boots "will" pink
Earrings and Necklace: *EarthStones* Tiny Garden Jewelry Set  (Jewel/silver)

Friday, August 10, 2012

#167 Petite Mesh V2 and Gatherings

This Journey began when I was talking to a friend about being petite.  These petite mesh avatars are one of the cutest things I have ever encountered in Secondlife! They are detailed and fun!
I decided it was time to "put the shrink" on Amethest!
So I originally had purchased a Mesh avatar on the Marketplace, that did not have the form that most designers use for petites.
This required me to go shopping for a new avatar.

 Stacia Zabaleta, the owner of Gatherings, has an entire line of Petite Mesh clothing. She also offers chairs and furniture for Mesh Petite Avatars. She is very informed on Petite subject-matter. So I asked her to take me where I could get an avatar that "worked".  She took me to the Petite Avatar Kingdom. This place has so much to offer if you are looking for a Petite Avatar.   I chose the Yabusaka Version 2 Petite Mesh Avatar. I also picked up some furniture for my new avatar.

This is the Bare Rose Petite Sweet Dresser.
The last few days I have been getting used to this new avatar. I have been playing with HUD options and dressing in new attire. The outfit here is from Gatherings
I combined the Petite Black Crop sweater and Lowrise Jeans outfit with the Petite Mossprint Tank and Petite Ultimate Stilettos in black. I also picked up a pair of Petite eyeglasses.

Style Card:
Mesh Avatar:  Yabusaka Petite Mesh Avatar 2 (Available at Petite Avatar Kingdom)
Hair: *Magika* Dara (resized to fit)
Glasses: *Gatherings* Petite Eyeglasses (Red)
Outfit: *Gatherings* Petite Black Crop Sweater & Lowrise Jeans
Shirt: *Gatherings* Petite Moss print Tank
Shoes: *Gatherings*Petite Black Ultimate Stilettos
Earrings and Necklace: *EarthStones* Tiny Garden Jewelry Set  (Jewel/silver)
Backpack: *SeVered  GarDeN* Bambetta (Strawberry) Backpack  (part of the outfit)

PS.  Just a note to tell you that these pictures can be better seen on my Flickr page.
Unfortunately Blogger and I are not getting along when it comes to the size of these photographs. Hopefully I will be able to get that remedied soon.

Until Next time!!.................................................♥ Ame

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

#166 Lovely

Sometimes you feel like wearing a gown. Well I do...sometimes.  And for no apparent reason other than the simple love of the gown. I saw this gown and it was a double-take. The lovely intricate detail was enough to make this dress from Kunglers a must-have.

It's really a simple look to acquire. The dress does the work for you.  Just add the hair, from LeLutka.

What I'm Wearing:

Skin: *Pink Fuel* Elly (honey) Angelic
Hair: *LeLutka* Brigitte Hair-Powder
Dress: *Kunglers* Ingrid Gown-White
Jewelry: *Donna Flora* Maria Set #1
Ring: *Donna Flora* Vito Ring
Tiara: *Gatherings* Heart Tiara
Shoes: *G Fields* Wedge Platform Shoes- Dorothy- White

Until Next time.................................♥Ame

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

#165 Vintage 1940's style

I was really excited to put this look together. I am completely taken with Retro themes. So this time, I wanted something that resembled the look from Katy Perry's video "Thinking of You". It's a very 1940's classy style.

I have to admit that finding each and every part of this outfit was more like a Job than willy-nilly shopping adventure. Did you know that no one in Secondlife currently sells a Pencil Skirt with Ruffled hem? At least not that I could find! I recruited the help of Miss Cracked Mirror to help me find the look I was searching for.  She turned me on to Aura designer Tyr Rozenblum.
Can I just say that Tyr is not only wonderful! she is brilliant as well!?
She was able to get this skirt to me, even though she had already retired the item.  But for those of you who want the same skirt, do not collapse. Rumor has it that she will be re-creating the design in a better Mesh than ever before.

Style Card:
Skin: *PF* Elly (Honey) Angelic
Lipstick: *PF* Elly-Glam Lipstick (Burgundy)
Eyes: *by Snow* Fresh Eyes Aster
Lashes: *Glow Studio* Classic Eyelashes- Clean 03 thin & long
Hair: *TuTy's* Diva vintage Hair (black)
Earrings: *C:K* Simple Pearl Earrings
Purse: *Rebel Hope* Pill Box Purse
Gloves: *LOW* Lace Short Gloves
Hat: *Eclectica* Little Black Pillbox Hat (Roses)
Jacket: *Artilleri* Gidget Jacket (Black)
Skirt: *Aura* Bullet Proof Ruffled Pencil Plain (Black)
Stockings:*Artilleri* Kyu-to! Fishnet Stockings
Shoes: *G Fields*Strap shoes "Alex"

Until Next time.............................♥ Ame

Monday, August 6, 2012

#164 Butterflies

I really thought I was done writing today!!!
But I found these Butterflies at Baffle @ Vintage Fair.  I was so excited to have them I opened them up and took pictures immediately!

I love this picture! I hope you do too!

#163 ..evolve..

What I love about collaborative events is that you get exposed to designers you have never heard of before.
This is where I am with this new store called evolve.

They are one of the designers participating in this year's Pink Ribbon Fair.

This is the outfit I picked out:

Style Card:

Skin: *Pink Fuel* Elly (honey) Angelic
Hair: *Magika*Drastic
Shirt: *Evolve* Evolve team shirt (free gift at Pink Ribbon Fair)
Skirt: *Evolve* Olio Skirt (quilted) (@ Pink Ribbon Fair)
Bag: *MDL*Bag Beach Kit (@ Pink Ribbon Fair)
Necklace: *EY:NO* Wooden Bow Necklace (group gift)
Glasses: *Epic*  Girlie Geek Glasses
Feet: *Pixel Mode* Bare Feet

#162 HolliPocket Teeny Kini's @ Pink Ribbon Fair

I finally had the time to go to the Pink Ribbon Fair!
The first thing that jumped out at me were these Teeny Kini's From HolliPocket.

You can find these at the landing point for the Pink Ribbon Fair.
They just jumped out at me as being the most adorable little designs!

So I added my new Pixel Mode Bare Feet (pour Le Femme) to the "kini's".

These come with an attachable shader HUD and ankle shaders.

The HUD attachment works great for the Pink Fuel Skin I am wearing.  I chose the O option. However it took quite a while for me to get the ankle shader just right. I also noticed that no one seems to have given exact instructions on how to get the ankle shader just right to match the skin. And since I am not as graphic savvy as some bloggers, I won't be the one to tell you exactly how to shade.  But I will tell you what I have.

Put your Ankle shader on First! And match that to your current skin. Then Match your feet with the hud last. 

Instructions to get you started:
Go into Appearance Mode
Then, choose socks or tattoo (which ever ankle shader you have chosen)

Select Color Tint

Now.....My color tint menu says Red: 204, Green: 148, Blue: 120; Hue: 20; Sat: 45; and Lum: 64

If you start somewhere around will help with your shader. Then use the slider to match the skin.

That's how I roll! Haha!~

Anyway that's how I matched the Pink Fuel Elly Angelic (honey) skin I am wearing.  I hope it helps you!

Until Next time......................................♥ Ame

Saturday, August 4, 2012

#161 Opening Day At Vintage Fair! wearing Cracked Mirror

I am so excited about the opening day of Vintage Fair!  This year Cracked Mirror has released her new GoGo dress!
Your direct SLUR is here:  Cracked Mirror @ Vintage Fair

Here is what you can expect if you like swirls!

She has also done fantastic work on the fabric! When you zoom in is what you'll see:

And these are the Wool GoGo dresses available at Vintage Fair

I added the Magika Volume hair in Naturals to the outfit. I also included the Cube Necklace and the Decoy Cosmo Silver Earrings From Glow Studios.

Until Next Time...........♥ Ame

#160 Cracked Mirror GiveAway Winners!

Because I got such a good response to this give-away...
I chose a main winner and a runner up!
I am happy to announce:

This was so much fun for me! I will be doing this again! Soon!

Until Next time...............................♥ Ame

Friday, August 3, 2012

#159 Severed Garden for the Petite or Regular

It has been a few weeks since I have shown you the amazing work of Berta Avro and Bubi Bolissima of Severed Garden!
I had intended to blog this outfit for a long time, but never had the chance. So I am happy to be able to share it with you now.

I love this outfit for so many reasons. If you have a Mesh avatar you can stretch and resize all pieces to fit your avatar.  It works with Busty Mesh Implants as well!!!! I was very happy when my friend Shayna Korobase, owner of Spanked Skins,  and her bff/partner Stacia Zabaleta, owner of Gatherings (clothing for mesh implants, jewelry, furniture, etc) noticed my outfit and wanted to discover Severed Garden too!

Stacia is adorable with her Petite avatar, so I thought I would dress her in the Newest Petite release from Severed Garden, called ZuZu!

You have to see this!!!!

She is too cute for words!!  This outfit is perfect for Petites! The Boots are sold separately.



Until Next Time...................................♥ Ame

Thursday, August 2, 2012

#158 ApEcK's ExPoSe' GiveAway!!!!

You have all day today and tomorrow to contact me. Get your name in the drawing for the give away!
IM in Second Life: Amethest Peck
Facebook: Amethest Peck


#157 Hud Power!

I just love it when my friends ring in and say "Hey Ame, you gotta see this!". That is the conversation I had with Charlotte this morning. She found this great outfit online at the MarketPlace.
This is the PoisonRed Birba Outfit with HUD. It is amazing!
And its only L59!~

Now please keep in mind that this is only four of the unlimited options that this HUD will allow you!  The outfit comes with shorts as well and a second option for hi-top shoes.

The shoes allow you to color them by just touching them. All items are Mesh. You get a tank, shorts, jeans, bracelets, and shoes. And the options are simply endless.

So I added the Dare Hair from Magika to the outfit! It also comes with a HUD option. I liked the Tri-color option (200L). Here is the Hud for the hair:

And as if! this wasn't enough.  I found the cutest ring on the MarketPlace! This ring by Sugar Button is adorable...but the best part? Its 1L!

Please IM me or send Notecard In Second Life for a chance to WIN!

Until Next time........................................♥Ame

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

#156 Shayna Korobase got BUSTED!!!!!!

I am super Excited to tell you that my friend Shayna Korobase, owner of Spanked,  is featured in this months issue of  (online link here -->)

here's a sneak preview:

(This picture is directly taken from the Busted Magazine website.)

You can also check out her blog at

The New issue of Busted Magazine is a MUST READ! Even if you are just a guy who likes looking at the pictures!

Ps. Dont Forget about the 1000L  Cracked Mirror Gift card giveaway! You still have two days to send me a notecard or IM in Second Life at Amethest Peck.  Let me know if you want to be registered for the Drawing!!!!! Some Lucky Someone is going to have a new awesome wardrobe!

#155 Fameshed first Day and Cracked Mirror Giveaway!!

Today I was reminded that all of my readers may not be able to give me comments on the blog post where I am giving away the 1000L gift card to Cracked Mirror. This is because of the limitations of Blogger. Well that is ok. If you want to be entered in the drawing, please drop me a notecard in Second Life. You will find me under Amethest Peck.

This will give me more opportunity to reward my lucky readers!

Now On With the Show!

G Fields released their Frill Bikini Today at Fameshed!

Is this not the most adorable little bikini ever?!!! I love it! It comes in four color options and is only available currently at Fameshed.
And Cracked Mirror released this new Rita Mesh top (available at Fameshed).
These are great because they are designed to match the Mambo Jeans I blogged yesterday. I'm so excited :).
I have added the Faded Light Daisy Cutoff's from Cracked Mirror, as well as the white Ruffle Flats, and the Divers Necklace.  I love getting dressed in the Cracked Mirror closet!
So here's the can use your Cracked Mirror gift card anywhere you see Cracked Mirror on sale. You can buy the items at Fameshed, or My Attic, or at the Mainstore in the mudhoney sim. Thats why I love Cracked! Haha.
Again, Send me a notecard before 12pm SLT on August 3rd. Then I will be giving that first thing in the morning on August 4th.
Here's the Style Card:
Skin: *PF* Elly (Honey) Angelic
Eyes: *Armacci* Hair Fair 2 Big
Hair: *Wasabi Pills*Sylvie Mesh Hair NEW @ Fameshed
Glasses: *Admiral Spicy!* Mesh Glasses Pink
Jewelry: (In Bikini photo)  *Donna Flora* Maria Set #1
Bikini: *G Fields* Mesh Frill Bikini (White) NEW @ Fameshed
                (With Shorts and shirt):
 *Cracked Mirror* Divers Helmet Necklace (Platinum)
                *Yoyo9* Bok Bag Red-Necklace
Earrings: *(Glow ) Studio* Machina Earrings Pastels
Bracelet: *Pr!tty* Summer Colorful Bangles
Shirt:  *Cracked Mirror* Rita Top (White/Green) NEW @ Fameshed
Shorts: *Cracked Mirror* Daisy Cutoffs (faded Light)
Shoes: *Cracked Mirror* Ruffle Flats (White)