Monday, April 25, 2011

#15 Severed Garden did it again! Introducing JANE...

Anyone who knows me knows that {Severed Garden} is one of my favorite places to shop on the grid.   Well Berta Avro and Bubi Bolissima have done it again!  They just released possibly the cutest new GI Jane outfit ever created in our virtual world.

This outfit has character and style that makes any girl look hot and dirty!

I Absolutely Fell in love with the intricate detail work of this new find! 
Lets break it down :

Camo Hat with leaves
Mud Tattoo for face
Vest with Ammo pockets
Mud Tattoo for stomach that says "wash me" (bwahahahaha too kyoot!)
Baggy Shorts, Like rolled up BDU's
Belt with Compass and Grenade
And of course the Boots!

If you want this and want to get it right away...follow this link to the website to purchase.

until next time .....<3 Ame

Saturday, April 23, 2011

#14 Brand New From FISHY STRAWBERRY...


Brand new from FISHY STRAWBERRY exclusively at The Dressing Room (TDR).

Hair: Tiny Bird *Fistful of Roses* Blonde
Skin: Al Vulo! *Ninni* Shine Bronze
Bracelet: Artilleri *Wooden Bracelet*
Bracelet: Addictia *Tropica Wrist Bracelet*
Necklace: Kunglers *Group Gift April 2011 necklace*
Earrings: (Glow studios) Fona Earrings
Shirt: Fishy Strawberry *Kerouac Top White*
Pants:  Fishy Strawberry * Cargo Shorts White*

Hair: Tiny Bird *Fistful of Roses* Blonde
Skin: Al Vulo! *Ninni* Shine Bronze
Bracelet: Artilleri *Wooden Bracelet*
Bracelet: Addictia *Tropica Wrist Bracelet*
Necklace: Kunglers *Group Gift April 2011 necklace*
Earrings: (Glow studios) Fona Earrings
Shirt: Fishy Strawberry *Ginsberg Halterneck Blue*
Pants: Fishy Strawberry * Cargo Shorts Brown*

Both outfits come in the set! They are now on sale at (the 28th edition of )The Dressing Room for only 69L! 

Until Next time......<3 Ame

Friday, April 22, 2011

#13 Brand New at APPLE MAY DESIGN

AMD released today:  CHERRY!  for 25L

This is the cutest little dress with the undershirt attached to the top!  You can also pick up the Black Pearls at AMD for 25L as well!

Skin: Al Vulo! Ninni Green Bronze
Hair: (e) Elikatira: Hye: Blonde
Eyes: Fauntasia: Fauny Peepers *Ocean*
Necklace and Earring set: (Bellballs) Disc Earrings and Necklace:  (sold exclusive at Chic Limited)
Necklace and Bracelets: AMD: Black Pearl
Mouth Attachment: Epic: Tongue Thing * Cherry Popper *

Love Love Love this outfit! AMD has done it again!  
Until Next time.........<3 Ame

#12 I didnt want to get out of bed today!

Ever have one of those days where you slap the snooze button about 15 times before you actually get up?  And then! the coffee maker which is loaded with Starbucks Italian Blend, just doesnt taste as good as you had hoped.  Today is that kind of day for me.   So in honor of that i have put together my comfy clothes and here you go.

Skin: Al Vulo! Ninni Natural
Hair: (e) Horizion Bright Blonde
Eyes: Nanuk Fyr eyes
Shirt: Ronsem 1st Anniversary Tee
Leggings: Severed Garden (part of Siria Plum outfit)
Socks: Severed Garden (part of Bambetta Strawberry outfit) 
Necklace: Ducknipple Stashbash Necklace
Glasses (mouth attachment): Fishy Strawberry: vamp Glasses (Found at TDR)
Pot of Flowers on head: Split Pea : Gardening at Night (Seasons Hunt Gift)
Bed : SexGen Ultra Comforter Bed Spring
Pillow: Luxus: Retro Pillow
Picture behind bed: LISP Bazaar Skylark Giant Frame

Song Theme: The Lazy Song: Bruno Mars

More to come! Later....going back to bed.....

Saturday, April 16, 2011



I am seriously bummed (insert every sad face x1000 here) that this designer is closing her store.  Unfortunately Autumn Hykova is moving on to bigger and better things...and we are left with only a FEW WEEKS  to get the goods before she closes her doors. All of her items are 50% off. 

Dress:  *Tiny Bird* The morning after dress in Charcoal
This dress comes with a color changeable belt prim.  I have drooled over this dress since i first laid eyes on IS one of a kind....haven't seen anything like this in sl yet.  

Jumper:  *Tiny Bird* Next Girl Romper (Lavender)
Hair: *Tiny Bird* Time to pretend (Ash Blonde) {color change headband}

Dress:  *Tiny Bird* Painted Flower Dress (Blue)
Hair: *Tiny Bird* Two Weeks (Ash Blonde)

Again, sorry for being redundant, everything in the store is reduced in price by 50%. Great time to go get all the fabulous designs she has to offer.

Also, for those of you who are interested, save the date for an exclusive party. Autumn is having a party at Tiny Bird on 4/30 at 6pm SLT.  Music will be DJ'd by OMGWTF Barbeque, so the music will be fantastic!
Hope to see you there....
Until next time... <3 Ame

#10 Hippity Hoppitty...E@ster's on it's w@y!

I was thinking about Easter Egg hunts and what to wear....

                                           So I put together this cute little outfit
Skin: Al Vulo! Ninni Red
Eyes: Fauntasia: *Ice*
                       Hair Exile: Teyona: Sand Mix (sold exclusively at TDR Blue)
Mouth attachment: *EPIC* Rose in blood Nom-Nom
Earrings:  [Glow Studios]: Spring is coming Blue
Necklace: [Glow Studios]: Time goes by
Shirt: Miel: Dandy Top Flor: Plum
Skirt: Miel: Dandy Skirt (with dandies)

Boots: *Miel* Far Boots Solid (color change)

Until next time......<<33Ame

Thursday, April 14, 2011

#9 **Cuz the p@rty dont St@rt Til I W@lk In**

I am going out to **Twilight Live** to listen to music tonight, so I put together this little outfit...

Hair: Yelena: Anxious Blond
Eyes: Fuantasia: Fauny Peepers *Ocean*
     Bag: ][AWRAM-VIIE][ Simple Rl: Mint Green
             Dress: Armidi {Gisaci}: Dotted Cocktail Dress Yioli
         Boots: UK Couture: Dulce Couture Buckled Boots
                             Photo prop: LISP Bazaar: LISP Vintage Steamer Case Dresser

Happy Thursday!  Until next, enjoy, and have fun. <3 just sayin.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

#8 ][AWRAM-VIIE][ to stand out in any crowd!

Today I was searching the grid for new and creative designs. I went to the Project Fur Japan, ran into a girl with the cutest bag, asked the girl where she got it, and landed right in the middle of Fashion Heaven!
 I have never seen such creativity packed into one store! You have to check out this store! 

Hair: Armidi: Super pony
Earrings: Apple May Designs: Tonic
Glasses: Epoque: Obnoxious shades: plain
Skin: [Al Vulo!] Ninni -red bronze
][AV][ Shirt: fl pink
][AV][ Pants: short balloon black
][AV][ bag: Simple pink

Hair: Exile: Rina: Champagne
Earrings: Loop Jewelry: Wood (Dark wood)
Glasses:ADiva: Couture Sugar Sun Glasses
Skin: [Al Vulo!] Ninni -natural bronze
][AV][ Shirt:Jacket Denim Shirts
][AV][ Skirt: Flowers Blue
][AV][ bag: pathes lace

Hair: Exile: Anjette: Champaigne
Skin: [Al Vulo!] Ninni -green bronze
Necklace: DDD Digital Dragon: Celestial Necklace
][AV][ Shirt: Crown Choco
][AV][ pants: Highwest Black

Hair: Armidi: Angel II: Platinum
Mouth Attachment:  EY:NO Lipstick
Bracelet: Apple May: Contremporary Bangles: Greyscale
Skin: [Al Vulo!] Ninni -green bronze
Necklace:Apple May Design: Confusion Necklace
][AV][Dress: Newspaper Black

Definately check out ][AWRAM-VIIE][ in Secondlife.  If you need a landmark, IM Amethest Peck (me) or the designer Miraiwave Iwish. 

Until Next, enjoy, and have fun! <3 Just Sayin.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

#7 Poses, poses, and more poses...

Poses, poses, and more poses...

(Baffle Broken-heart pose)
I have been all over the grid looking for poses and pose-able items that I really enjoy. I started at the pose fair. If you havent been to the pose fair you should go! 
I have always loved pictures in Second Life and these items just add pizazz to your photos.  If you are not an avid shopper, it takes advice from friends or a true effort to find these things. So let's dish on some of my favorites.
(Baffle Sweet Leaf)
Baffle has some of the cutest items I have ever seen!  This is the Baffle Sweetleaf. It has three poses. I put this sweet leaf in my swimming pool. If you are into balloons there is a pose at Baffle called Dancing on Balloons that might entertain you.
(Baffle Dancing on Balloons)

Another shop I found was Glitterati. They have some really cute things there.

                                           (Glitterati: Fence)
 The fence is multi pose giving several users the ability to static pose at the same time.
(Glitterati: Tub)

Glitterati has a lot of different fun Photo props to use that are multi-pose. The tub is another one of those items.   This will only pose one person, but it comes with attachable bubbles.

Sways is another place you can find some fun and creative items.
This is the Pedicure Pillow. It is definitely my favorite item!

LISP Bazaar has a street lamp that I went bonkers over.  You can pose with or without the umbrella. It gives menu options that will allow you pose on a timer as well.

(LISP Bazaar: Streetlamp and Umbrella)
Model: Damien Valerik (contact in world for modeling availability)

And last but certainly not least:
Olive Juice
This cute little pillow will allow you to pose your avatar in 6 different poses.  The one you see below actually animates your avatar rocking back and forth.  I fell in love with these pillows.

(Olive Juice: Pillow freebie)

Until next, enjoy, and have fun! <3 Just sayin.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

#6 Here comes Spring! Go to Severed Garden!

Here comes Spring! Go to Severed Garden! said NOW!

That's right Spring is here! Summertime is on its way!
Each year when seasons change the designers in SL step up the par and the colors in Second Life bloom!
Its not just the storefronts decorated with Easter fun, like the basket displays outside Nemesis, on the Tropical Bliss sim.

 The clothes take on color and fashion steps up into the light! Spring and Summer Fashion 2011 will be the best yet. I just know it! 

Severed Garden is one of the cutest shops I have ever seen in Second Life.  The designs of BUBI Bolissima and Berta Avro are the most creative sets I have found.  Definately 5 Stars in my book! 
Here are my favorites:

This is the Severed Garden Bambetta *Strawberry*.
The thing i love most about this outfit is the backpack. It also comes with a flowered prim belt and a flower for your hair. 

  Severed Garden: Aini Blue

This little number comes with boots and a basket belt. Perfect for any summer picnic that might include some swimming after.  Make all the boy's drool!

And Last but certainly not least:
This is the brand new release of  Severed Garden: ZOE...on sale now today....50L

Zoe is the hottest and newest release. It comes with ankle bracelets, rag-doll skirt, and two jacket options for the more modest and for the less modest (like myself). But what i Love about this outfit most:

THE BACKPACK!  Just look at this! It has a fishing rod, bird, bug-catching jar, rolled up blanket, and a loaf of bread.  AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

So, if you want to be cute and definately stand out in a crowd, go to
Severed Garden.   They have the most creative clothes I have yet to find!

Also, as a super accessorizing side-note:   I found these cute flops at +ADDiCTIA+

These are the Mocha Java flip-flops. They will make any summer outfit perfect!
Until next time Shop, Enjoy, and Have fun! Just sayin.