Wednesday, November 30, 2011

#115 Mini-ME!!!

I love winter styles! And this year it seems like all the "kid avatars" are getting the good stuff!

 I found these stores on the market place called Baby pie & Nerdalicious.

Here are your marketplace links:

I had so much fun taking pictures with my kiddo-Ame that i almost forgot I was showing a fashion blog for these stores.  I love the winter styles for Baby pie. They have a great eye for kid's clothing.

Here is what I'm wearing:
Skin: *Pink Fuel* Elly (Milk)           
Eyes: *Aphotic Gloom*Clarus eyes (Blueberry)
Hair: *D!va*Yuri3-Cats Eye
Blocks: *Nerdalicious* Block Tower (for da head)               
Outfit: *Baby Pie* Cozy Ice

So go find your inner Mini-me...or shop this store and stretch the prims....

Until next time.................................♥little Ame

#114 ohhh Echo ♪ Forte! A Cappella

I am about three days behind schedule with this look! HA! This secretary has been super busy over the shopping holiday!

I really fell for this look. I switched up the skin to the new skin from Iren (Felina).  Normally I live in my Pink Fuel skin, but i was really impressed with this skin that Iren released for Lazy Sunday (last sunday) that i switched up.

This outfit from Echo is darling! You can pick it up at TDR Blue as a set. Yes, under 100L, the shirt and the skirt.

I added my favorite essential item from Jane, my Littlepiggies tights (waffleknit-Cream) and then added my new favorite heels from G Fields (Alex strap shoes-black)

And the bag is from !gO!. This is free when you join their group. Love their stuff!!!

Just add some paper and pencils (like the one I have on from RC  called Making lists) and you have the perfect secretary look!

Style card:
Skin:* [IREN]* Felina  (Lazy Sunday Special)
Hair: *Truth*Clara (Platinum)
Shirt: *Echo* Forte Sweater (TDR Blue)
Skirt: *Echo* A Cappella Skirt (TDR Blue)
Necklace & Earrings: *Donna Flora* Blue Tears
Rings:  *EY:NO* Diva Teddybear Ring
             *EY:NO* Reindeer Ring
Shoes: *G Fields* Strap Shoes "Alex"-Black
Tights: *Jane* lil piggies tights. waffleknit (Cream)
Bag: !gO! Laugh Every Day- Free group Gift
paper and pencil:  *RC* Making Lists

Until next time...........................................♥ Ame

Monday, November 28, 2011

#113 !gO! One last summer style....

Since Summer is officially over, I thought i would bring it back one last time with a cute little outfit I discovered at

It's pretty rare that I find a shop where I like the styles so much.
So I put this cute little style together for you.  You can also add these sandals from +9.

You will definately be seeing more from this blogger on !gO! and their fashion.

Here's your style card:
Skin: *Pink Fuel* Ember (honey) --Cherry
Hair: *Pomme d' Amour* Powder-sparkle blonde
Eyes: *NP* Dreaming Eyes - Azur
Earrings: *League*Vintage Heart Earrings
Necklace: *League* 3Vintage Necklaces
Shirt: *!gO!* LOLITA- Happy village
Pants: *!gO!* - Summer Time Skirt and Leggings (Violet)
Shoes: *+9* Summer Crocodile Sandal

One last thing:
For all my Cyber Monday shoppers:

Until next time!............................................♥ Ame

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving from us to you! We have alot to be thankful for this year!  This year we were born into blogland. We have successfully brought you now 112 posts on fashion and poses and skins and hair and everything else we thought was blog-worthy.

As I slave away over this years feast, I am ever mindful of my friends...the ones that change who I am.  They are my family here in this world. I am very blessed to have so many people who are constant supports to me in this effort.

So of course I went to my favorite pose store for my baking needs.  Baffle offers this table with all the poses, rollers, bowls, etc. Everything you need!  Just look for "Its Baking Time".

From Apeck Expose to you....Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Style Card:
Skin: *Pink Fuel* Ember (honey) --Cherry
Lipstick: *(AG)* Bitten Lipstain- Beachen Peachen
Hair: *(e)* Fight- Blonde 02
Eyes: *NP* Dreaming Eyes - Azur
Earrings: *{Glow} Studios* Amore Earrings (from TDRB)
Necklace: *{Glow} Studios* Lucky Branch
Outfit: *Baby Pie* Fall into Autumn  (includes boots, tights, and dress)  Note on dress for full grown avatars (stretch the skirt prim...made for kids)
Hat: *Intrigue Co.* - Turkey Hat
Pose: *Baffle* Its baking Time!

Until I awake from my Turkey coma......................................♥Ame

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

#111 Attached to Attachments Crazy Tuesday Look

(A message from the sponsor)

On with the show....

I love attachments. I would attach something to every single part of my avatar if it didnt prevent me from moving!

I had so much fun shooting this blog!
These are some of my favorite Attachments. 
Intrigue and Reek are my two favorite stores to shop for fun JUNK!

These Hypno Shades you can find at Intrigue.

My biggest weakness in every life is the Cupcake. So when i saw this shirt from Reek, I had a laugh. Then I bought it in every color. HA! You should have one too! The cupcake graveyard tee is amazing.  Then I teamed it up with my favorite crop cut jeans from Bukka. Where else are you going to find that kind of detail. Bukka is up and coming. Expect great things from them.

Who knew you could fight hand puppets in sl? These gloves by Intrigue are incredible.  (Orca and Shark gloves)

If they drag you in the water, then you will be completely safe by wearing your swimmies by Reek. These come in an array of colors, you can mix and match them.  This way you are sure not to drown...oh wait you cant drown in secondlife. are certain to look adorable while puppet fighting in the bottom of the SL ocean.

Everytime you get a box from Intringue you get the cutest box opening pose. Seriously funny!

Here's the style card for this nutty outfit:

Hair: *Shag* Love is a Battlefield (Platinum)
Shirt: *Reek* Cupcake Graveyard Tee- Blue Faded
Necklace: *Pepper* Basti Olive
Headband: *Pepper* Sweet Cupcake Gacha
Earrings: *PM* Tribe Earring Silver/Purple/Magenta
Pants: *Bukka* Harf Denim Jeans with Leather belt
Boots: *Miel* Far Boots Solid
Socks: *StarDust* Try My Angle Thigh Sock (Pink)
other items:
*Reek* Swimmies
*Intrigue* Hypno-Shades
*Intrigue* Orca Gloves and Shark Gloves

So go find your favorite attachments and tell me about them!  You can now find Apeck Expose on FACEBOOK

Until next time................................♥

Monday, November 21, 2011

#110 C'est La Vie Poncho

I am a growing fan of C'est la Vie. I have written about a few of their items before.  Larcoco just recently released the Poncho.

 I love the look of this piece. You can wear it alone or you can put a sweater under it. I chose the sweater. (as you can see)
I also teamed this look up with my favorite jeans from Silenced. These are the Katy Jeans.

The hair was an easy choice really.  I have really become a follower of Shag. This store has some very "off the cuff" hair styles.  This style is called "The Girl Next Door". Love it!

And we all know that no look is ever complete without shoes. So I went to my trusty boots from TOSL. These Sweater Wellies get me through the winter!

Skin: *Pink Fuel* Elly (Honey)
            *Pink Fuel* Glam Lipstick (Hard Candy)
Eyes: *Addict*Doll Eyes(Blue1)
Hair: *Shag* The Girl Next Door -Platinum
Jewelry: *Pepper*Pieces Ring (Dollarbie at Pepper)
                *Donna Flora* Vivian Earrings               
Poncho: *C'est La Vie* WButton poncho check (Red)
Jeans: *Silenced*Katy Jeans Light1
Sweater: *C'est La Vie*Knit Turtleneck (Cream)
Shoes: *TOSL* Sweater Wellies (Snow)

Until Next time...................................................♥ Ame

#109 Severed Garden Releases Dana / Prisca Hair!

Severed Garden has done it again! Hair!

This is the Priska Hair by Severed Garden.  It comes with a HUD to color the hair and the hat!

The HUD is so easy to use..and you can match the hair with anything you want to wear!

Severed also released the new Dana outfit!

I am wearing the Pink here.  But it also comes in two other colors: Dark and Olive.

The Hair and Clothing Sets are sold separately.
Each set is complete with Scarf, Vest, Armwarmers, Socks, Pom-Pom attachments, and Boots.


c'mon guys! You know this is cool!


Go get it...or to their online store!!!!
Here is your link:

Until Next time!.....................................................♥Ame

Sunday, November 20, 2011

#108 Swan Lake

I was hunting the marketplace for something really girly....and i bumped into this !
Kraft made this Swan Lake box and poses are included.  They also give you the Ballerina outfit too!

I just love this! And it's a steal at 75L.

The only piece i really added was the hair.  Elikatira Rhythm in platinum.

Until next time........................................................................♥ Ame

Thursday, November 17, 2011

#107 BDR Baby its cold outside...time for a change...

It's time for a change. So Secondlife released Viewer 3.  It's time for this blogger to go back to the Secondlife viewer and finally let go of my old worn out Phoenix viewer. All of the new stuff i love is a large blob on my screen.
Saying goodbye is so hard for me...but its time to get on the mesh bandwagon! 

So this is my last and final blog on my old phoenix viewer.

I had so much fun looking around at the sims that really flake up for winter. I know, really lame joke.

This adorable winter set was recently released by Beautiful Dirty Rich. You can locate their store easily online at

There are quite a few colors to choose from (cyan, blue, black, purple, grey, camel, red, brown, and pink).

Style Card:
Skin: *Pink Fuel* Ember (Honey) Cherry
Hair: *Pr!tty* I'mma Little Tease: Iced
Earrings: *Donna Flora* Adele earrings (Adele Diamonds set)
Outfit (Jacket, jeans, boots, ear muffs): *BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich) Baby its Cold outside *Brown)

Until Next time....from a MESH viewer.....................♥Ame

#106 Aristocrat from AMD released 11-16-11

Ok, Listen up... The new Aristocrat release from Apple May Designs is absolutely adorable!  I am only sorry it took me a day to get this post up.  However it is still right there at AMD in the New Release section.
I added my favorite LeLutka hair (Brigitte) to it...match made in heaven I think.

The jacket fits perfect. You know how some jackets get all weird when you have thicker hips or have a wider avatar?  Well this one seems to fall in place very easily.

And absolutely no outfit is complete without the perfect shoe.  I love these Block platform Booties from ISON. They are one of my new favorite stores.

Style Card:
Outfit: *Apple May Design*  Aristocrat
Hair: *Lelutka* Brigitte-Sookie
Hair attachment: *Nylon Outfitters* Pixie Cute Bow
Earrings: *Donna Flora* Vivian earrings
Boots: *ISON* Block Platform Bootie Brown

Until Next time..........................................♥ Ame

#105 SeVereD GaRdeN! POMPY

As most of you know, I am a lifetime fan of SEVERED GARDEN!!!!
Berta and Bubi just released Pompy in several colors. The one you will see here is called Cafe.
I love the details in the pom-poms.  They included a pom-pom headband with  this set and a great pair of boots (which you will see in further along).

I am completely smitten with the boots.
Probably should have taken a closer shot of them, but you can look for yourself when you go to BUY this outfit!

Pompy is available in Cafe (as seen here), Ice, Olive, and Cream.

Style Card:
Hair: *Truth* Neve Seaspray
Eyes: *Aphotic Gloom*- Clarus (Ocean)
Skin: *Al Vulo* Sally Sunkissed
Lipstick: *Chelle* Kissable Lipstick (Fushia)
Shirt/skirt/Pancho/ leggings/ Boots:  *SeVered GarDen* Pompy- Cafe

Until Next time..................................... ♥ Ame.