Thursday, March 31, 2011

#5 Things that remind me....


I remember as a child my mother purchased more band-aids than any other mother on our block.  I would wear them anywhere. Not only on my little scrapes and cuts, but all over me.  So imagine my joy when i saw these!
Grixdale offers these cute little ouch bandages in an assortment of colors! Oh and look at these! (I am sooooo excited about these!)
These are Reek's knee I heart bandaids!  You can choose the designs and the knee you want them on. Sometimes I wear mine on the left. Sometimes only on the right. And for days when I just feel unique...I wear them on both! You can mix these up and match them up with different outfits.  So fun! So Cool!

(Now for our next story)

When I was little the girls next door, who were just a few years older than I, taught me a few bad words.  You know how it is when you learn a new word and you're not really sure what it means? You just want to use it!  So when my father came home from work, and asked me to move my Big-Wheel from our driveway, I responded by calling him an "S.O.B".  This is what the result of that was:

Another of my favorite memories as a child was my first umbrella. I carried that thing around even on days when there was no cloud to be found in the sky.  So i completely fell in love with the Weatherbrella! It makes its own reason to carry it!

You can find this handy dandy item at <WorN!> and it even comes with a HUD so you can switch the weather!  As you can see in the first picture it was raining cats and dogs! HA!

And when I went to LISP Bazaar and saw this item! I just had to have it!
This is the Umbrella Boat! You and 5 of your friends can enjoy this adorable boat at home or at the beach. Hey, I'm putting mine in my pool!

Hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane. I'm still shopping for more adorable items! Until next time Shop, Enjoy, and Have fun! Just sayin.

Monday, March 28, 2011

# 4 C'est La Vie!

A few days ago a sweet friend of mine took me to a tiny mall called Petit Pas Mall. I found this unique little store called C'est La Vie.  So i decided to take the landmark to the main store. There is so much in store for you there at C'est La Vie! 

                You can also find Shoes by G Fair at Petit Pas Mall,like these:
                                  (Squared toe shoes *rose* GFair)
          When you get to C'est la Vie be sure to pick up this great little dress:
                                    (C'est la Vie: Florals Mini-dress *rose*) 
This is a limited edition dress that can only be found at C'est la Vie at Sounds Gravis Beach mall. It has a matching hat, leggings, and shoes. (not shown here)

Another great find is the League Wanderer Necklace/Bracelet set  found at the Market Place online. (Also comes with Earrings not shown here)

I also went over to Mon Tissu and landed this really cool jean jacket!
                                            (Mon Tissu: Porter Jacket *used*)
And for the Piéce de Résistance!  This adorable ring from [EY:NO] called the Lilie Ring.
Until next time...Shop, enjoy, and have fun! Just sayin'.

#3 Artilleri for fashion and home!

Have you been to Artilleri?

Artilleri: Marla Glasses *blue*
OK Lets get our glasses on! What!!!!!!!! you don't have Glasses?! WELLLLLLLLLL....
                                   Artilleri has some really cool Glasses!

(all Artilleri photographs were shot at Artilleri on the Artilleri sim)

Style Card:
Artilleri: Elspeth Cardigan* Brown*
Artilleri: Othelie Blouse *Lime*
Artilleri: LuLu Bracelet
Artilleri: Zara Skirt *Brown/Blue*
Artilleri: Wooden Bracelet (color change menu available)
Artilleri: Double Cherry Necklace *silver*
Artilleri: Rose Hair Flower *pink*
Artilleri: Bead Hoop Earrings
(hair is Artilleri: Dallas light blonde ---not seen in store, perhaps its retired.)

Artilleri is a great place to find all the cool stuff you can't seem to find anywhere else. Take this phonograph for instance:
This is definitely on my Wish List!  So much fun as a photo-prop or even for those of us who just like to hang out and listen to music while we're in world. This is one of those "gotta have it" items on my list.
Or Perhaps you want your house to resemble something that your grandmother would have decorated back in the 1950's or 60's...well you just can not do that without yard flamingo's!
or without this adorable ironing board!

Artilleri is a great place to shop for all your favorite items. Antonia Marat brings style and pizazz to the grid.  Her Rock-a-billy/1950's style makes it one of the most fun sims to shop in.   Teleport into the main store or take a right to visit Artilleri Home OR take a left and visit Surf Couture (another of my favorite stores for fashion)

One of my favorite little items over at Artilleri Home is the Tiki Bar!
It's not only adorable in or outside of any come with all the treasures! Water and drinking glasses,  Blender, Tiki Bar with stools, Fruit Bowl...and more!

And if you're in the market for a great house to rent, definately check out her houses.   They are set in the quietest little street settings. Contact Antonia Marat in world for more information.

And at the very end of the day, there is nothing better than a ride on a Bespa...
                   Until next time Shop! Enjoy! have Fun!....just sayin.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

#2 Hair-rific! A post on some of my favorite hair spots in SL...


A few days ago I was dancing at Twilight Live, a great little music venue in secondlife that features live artists.  Pixie Honey is one of the management staff there and is also one of my sweetest life-long friends in SL.

     (Pixie Honey featured Advisor/Friend on this blog wearing Exile: Steph: Light Blondes)

 While we were dancing we had a conversation about hair.  Since Pixie is my personal hair guru, she and I were reviewing the stores we shop at.  I brought up the two major hair players in our game ...Truth and Magika. I remember commenting to her that I wish there more designers out there that provided the same quality style. After long research, store shopping, and reading blogs as listed in my followed it is....These are some of Pixie's hot picks and a few of my own:

Some of Pixie's Favorites: (from top left to right; bottom left to right)

Truth:  Style choices:   Lanie, Blake, Estelle, and Krystal

Ame's picks: (from top left to right; bottom left to right)
Raspbury Aristocrat: Asuka Hair: Blissful Blondes Yelena: Blonds
Dernier Cri: Aya: Blondes
Truth: Mandy: Light Blondes
Truth: Neve: Light Blonde
Magica: Ren: Blonde
Okay, lets recap the places i have mentioned.  Truth, Raspberry Aristocrat, Magika, Dernier Cri, and Fri.Day.  In addition to these great little places there a couple of others i have found that are worth looking at....Exile (as seen in Pixie's picture above). Thanks again to Pixie Honey for her great hair advice and knowing just where to shop inside the grid!  I'm sure there are many more...and i will be out looking for them.

Until then Shop! Enjoy! have Fun!....just sayin'.

Friday, March 25, 2011

#1 Yay! I'm officially a fashion blogger!

Welcome to the Apecks Exposé!
I am Amethest Peck.  I have been shopping in Second Life for over 5 years. And each new release gets more exciting than the last. I have so wanted to do something to contribute to the sl society and thanks to the genius of one Cracked Mirror, here i am!

(Cracked Mirror is the Friend/Advisor on this Blog)

There is nothing better than finding a stellar item at a great deal!
And here is where I will post some of my favorite finds throughout the grid.

(shirt) Atomic:  Love Affair (color Brick)
(pants) Zaara: Mala *freebie* (<--yes i said freebie! check the front of the store ;))
(shoes) Surf Couture: Freedom flops Original (one of my personal favorites for spring and summer)
(necklace) Cracked Mirror: Heart of the Ocean (color platinum)
(earrings) Apple May Designs:  Tonic Earrings
(rings) Hucci: Spring Fashion Rings
(hair) Truth: Gwyneth (platinum)
(photo prop) Baffle: No Place Like Home

Heart of the Ocean Necklace (color platinum):

(foot note: if you are searching for Cracked Mirror right now, stop!  lol...the store isnt opened yet. However, if you just cannot live without this little item, IM Cracked Mirror in world. Her store is soon to come on the Hide and Seek Sim. I will be posting as soon as her store is open. Stay tuned!)

Hucci released these rings this spring; there is also a version with a clutch. These are the cuteset, fanciest rings i have ever seen.  There is an assortment of colors to choose from so if you prefer Pink or Blue...the choice is yours.

I am working on pulling together a list of my favorite stores. So with that said I will list them here.

Artilleri:  The amazing designs of Miss Antonia Marat are second to none. Definately a must see! 

These are just a few of my newest favorites...Shop! Enjoy! have Fun!....just sayin.