Sunday, October 30, 2011

#97 Sunday Style October

I spent some time just shopping around for a cute fall style to share with you.  I found some terrific buys!
The first stop was Al Vulo for their new group gift skin. This skin is actually nicer than most free or discounted skins that I've seen. 

Next, I ran over to Apple May Design to do the little Halloween hunt.  Instead I saw the new release of Haven.  ADORABLE OUTFIT!!!!! Loved the top! 

Then I went to Miel. Miel has the most adorable torn socks. So I wanted to wear them with the Haven outfit. They just didnt look right with the skirt, so i found this Cord skirt at Miel.

And of course every great outfit needs some fabulous shoes. So I saw that Imbue. had shoes available through Project Themeory. So this was my finishing touch.

Also, if you are a Lazy Sunday Shopper...go to EY:NO and get the Diva Teddybear necklace. It's so cute!

Style Card:
Skin:  *Al Vulo* Sally (Anniversary Gift sunkissed) 
Make-up: *R.icielli* Group Gift Shadow + Eyeliner gift 4   
Eyes: *Negaposi* Dreaming Eyes-Melon                                         
Necklace *EY:NO* Diva Teddybear Necklace (Lazy Sunday special)
Earrings: *(Glow) Studios* Studio Amore Earrings (With Silver) at TDR
Bracelet: *Miel* Friendo Bracelet
Hair:  *LoQ hair* Pudding-Cherry Red
Shirt:  *AMD*Haven top and tank (sold with Haven outfit at AMD)
Skirt: *Miel*Cali Cords- Sculpted skirt w/Belt - Bark
Shoes: *imbue.*  Black Ankle Booties ( Project Themeory item)

Until next time darlings.............................................♥Ame

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

#96 Trick or Treat! Severed Garden....Morgana and Wednesday!

So Charlotte and I decided to get dressed and ready for some Halloween FUN!!!

Severed Garden just released Morgana and Wednesday!  Both are Halloween ready outfits ...both are totally amazing!

The Morgana outfit comes with the Witches hat in two variation...and you get this really cool Cauldron for your backpack!

The Morgana outfit is available right now for only 90L. It's a Must have for your Halloween party! Seriously......

The Wednesday is the outfit I am wearing.  It is also currently on sale at Severed Garden for 90L. This is there 2011 release for Halloween.
The Trick or Treat Bags we are wearing are from Sweet as Candy.

Go to Severed Garden and get these to die for outfits for your Halloween wardrobe!!!!! 

Happy Halloween!!!!!.......until next time......................♥ Charlotte and Ame

Sunday, October 23, 2011

#95 Lets Talk Ta-ta's!

Let's get serious about our real lives here....
We all know that without a real life, there is no secondlife.  If we die in real life, our avatars die too.

About 1 in 8 U.S. women (just under 12%) will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime

In 2011, an estimated 230,480 new cases of invasive breast cancer were expected to be diagnosed in women in the U.S., along with 57,650 new cases of non-invasive (in situ) breast cancer.

About 39,520 women in the U.S. were expected to die in 2011 from breast cancer, though death rates have been decreasing since 1990 — especially in women under 50. These decreases are thought to be the result of treatment advances, earlier detection through screening, and increased awareness.

For women in the U.S., breast cancer death rates are higher than those for any other cancer, besides lung cancer.

White women are slightly more likely to develop breast cancer than African-American women. However, in women under 45, breast cancer is more common in African-American women than white women. Overall, African-American women are more llkely to die of breast cancer. Asian, Hispanic, and Native-American women have a lower risk of developing and dying from breast cancer.

We all know that Breast cancer sees no gender, sees no color, sees no sexual orientation, sees no age.  So we have to band together and fight for a cure!
This can start right on your comfy couch! or on your bed! on your floor! or if so inclinded, the kitchen table!

Thanks to Boom for the Breast Cancer Awareness Poses and the Support Awareness Panties!

So...Come on ladies!!! Let's do this for ourselves!

Until Next time...................................................................♥ Ame

#94 Couples Poses...and a new contributor "Ampersand"

I was out doing the Seasons Hunt today and I hit all the major name stores that I am truly fond of. Can I just say that "I hate you Pete the Pumpkin". I can not seem to rez well enough to join in the Hunting fun. So I gave up. Best of luck to you other hunters. I sissied out!

Sooooo anyway....
I was at Shag and this new set of poses in the front of the store really caught my eye.  Apparently the designer/store name is Ampersand. There are a couple of poses available there for Free.
The others are on sale for 75L. (not like that is really a price..its more like a gift)

Break my arms around my love

This was the original pose that caught my eye...then these kept my interest.

Rapture Rapes the Muses

Requiem for a Dream

Of course I had to add a few of my own Touches...just like I would recommend for anyone who does their own photography in SL.

And you dont have to just take my word for it...there are other great poses out there by "not so talked about" BLue Goose.


There you have it!
Shop it up!

Just a little thank you to Kinkladze Ghost for being my Man-toy in this blog. Thank you so very much!

Until next time...........................................♥ Ame

Friday, October 21, 2011

#93 TDR 41 name is Amethest and I am addicted to The Dressing Room.
Yes, I have become a complete TDR junkie!
TDR just re-set the store with some great new items.  Here are a few I found and teamed up with a few of my favorite things.

Glow Studios is contributing this time, almost always do. And I am in love with their lashes.  Here I am wearing both the Lightning lashes with the Paint slash lashes. I couldn't choose which ones i liked so i had to wear two.
The Earrings here are also contributed by Glow Studios. This is a new set called Tassel set.

The Sweater is from So Many Styles (SMS). You can also find this tasty little item at TDR!

And Then......for the shoes.......

I love Mon Tissu for many reasons... but these boots!!!! are a work of sheer genius! If these boots were real, they would be on my people-feet!

So this is your Friday/ early Saturday Style

Style Card:
Skin:  *Pink Fuel* Honey Pure
        *Pink Fuel*POP Lipstick (Laser) 
Eyes: *Negaposi* Dreaming Eyes-Ultraviolet
Lashes: *{Glow} Studios* Paint Slash
                                              Lightning White (at TDR)
Necklace/Earrings: *{Glow} Studios* Pink Tassel Set (TDR)
Hair:  *Truth* Kendall Platinum
Shirt:  *League* Spring Camisole-Cream
Skirt: *League* Buttoned Corduroy Mini- Cream
Jacket: *SMS* Knit Cozy Sweater-Cherry (TDR)
Boots: *Mon Tissu*  Provence Riding Boots- Dark Brown

Until Next time..........................................♥ Ame

Thursday, October 20, 2011

#92 League Broderie Anglais Blouse and Crochet Shorts

I went to Fashionably Late to check out their newer stuff, yesterday, and I ended up wandering around the sim.  Long Story Short, I found this adorable little outfit in League.  (one of their smaller stores)

There were a few different colors available, but I love the mint color.  It just seems so dainty and feminine. So I had to bring it to your attention!
I also fell in love with this hair style from Elikatira (e). This is the Rhythm hair in light blonde. I dont know if i will be changing this hair anytime soon.

League has alot of fun separates to put together. They also have some really nice skin choices too.

Style Card:
Skin:  *Pink Fuel* Honey Pure
        *Pink Fuel*POP Lipstick (Laser) 
Eyes: *Negaposi* Dreaming Eyes-Ultraviolet
Lashes: *FTL* Eyelashes-C01
Hair:  *(e)* Rhythm  Blonde 02
Shirt:  *League*Broderie Anglais Blouse-Mint
Pants: *League* Crochet Shorts-Mint
Earrings: *CentoPallini* Ivory Cross Earrings (Rosa)

Until next time....................................♥ Ame

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

#91 Happy Halloween

Halloween is definately one of my very favorite Holidays!  I really was not sure what I was going to do this Halloween, but then MIEL came to the rescue.  They just released two adorable little outfits for Halloween as GROUP GIFTS! 


This dress includes an adorable little backpack....a backpack with an attitude! The pumpkin faces are adorable and they switch to new faces every few seconds.

And then there was  PUMPKIN COUTURE!

Oh Yes!!!! The faces on this pumpkin dress change too!!!

Then i added the the Sugar skull Makeup by Sauce to these outfits to give the a more "dia de los Muertos" feel to it. You can find those fun little creepy face tatoo's at Collabor88.

Some other stuff I'm wearing:

Hair: *(e)* Fight-Red 07
Skin: *LAQ* Linnea Fair
Socks: *MIEL* Lo Socks -Ebony
Earrings: *Dona Flora* Organic
Make-up: *Sauce* Sugar Skull Makeup-Firebird


Until Next time........................your creepy, scary, halloweeny blogger ♥ Ame

Saturday, October 15, 2011

#90 Akis by SeVered GarDen

Severed Garden released a new outfit, this week, called "Akis".  It really has a Pocahontas feel to it.  Don't you think?

I think what I have always loved about Severed Garden's style is that they pay attention to the detail. Right down to the shoes and the attachments.  They not only have clean lines on the avatar, they style it up with the stuff that makes you stand out in a crowd.
Not that I am going out clubbin looking like a little Indian girl, but this would be great for Halloween or for those of you who Role play.

Here are some of the attachments, on this set, that I fell in love with.

I have to admit that the Squirrel on the head gave me a little "LOL" episode.  And the squirrel and acorn leg attachment is too cute!

Style Card:
Skin:  *Pink Fuel* Honey Pure
        *Chelle* Kissable lipstick (fuscia)      
Eyes: *Negaposi* Dreaming Eyes-Melon
Lashes: *FTL* Eyelashes-C01

Hair:  *LoQ* Cafe Misto - Black
Outfit:  *{SeVered GarDen}* Akis- Black
Mouth attachment: *Ohmai Emporium* Every Flavored Bean (soap)

Until next time...................................................♥ Ame

#89 The Dressing Room Blue releases new hair

I always get excited when TDR does a reset of their stores. They have the best designers on grid contributing to their stores. 
This new store set released two new hair styles from LoQ and Exile.

This is the "Cafe Misto" by LoQ
It is available in four colors at TDR Blue.

For you guys who are looking for a new "up-do", here is the newest release from Exile.

This is the Maylee from Exile.  This is also availble in four colors.

All of these are available at TDR Blue for under 100L (somewhere between 60L and 80L). So go and check it out.

Other Stuff I'm Wearing:
*{Glow} Studios* Ear Cuff (guinea fowl) Also available at TDR
*HolliPocket* Ooh Bitty Lingerie- Leapord

Until Next time...........................................♥ Ame

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

#88 Holli Pocket Look

I really like this shirt and jeans by Holli Pocket.  The shirt I actually saw on someone at a store and she sent me to HolliPocket on Jersey Shore sim to find the store.  Then I started following the releases.
Just recently I joined the blogger group for the store, so you will be seeing much more from them here.

So Lets talk about what I'm wearing.

It's a rather simple casual look. The Jeans come in multiple colors. The shirt is available in Pink and Coco.
Here is the link to the marketplace store:

Style Card:
Skin:  *Pink Fuel* Honey Pure
        *Pink Fuel* Juicy Gloss (Apple)       
Eyes: *Negaposi* Dreaming Eyes-Iceburg
Lashes: *FTL* Eyelashes-C01
Hair:  *Raspberry Aristocrat* Asuka Hair Blissful Blond
Shirt:  *Holli Pocket*Out of Order Pinky
Pants:  *Holli Pocket* Faded Whisker Jeans Blue
Earrings and Necklace: *Donna Flora* Adele Diamonds set
Bracelet: *Phoenix Rising* Breezie Kiss Bracelet-BlueMint

Until Next Time....................................................♥ Ame

Monday, October 10, 2011

#87 MIEL for Monday

I absolutely love the store MIEL.  I really have not had the chance to blog them in a while, so I am doing it today!

This outfit is called the Tary.  The Tary top and skirt are sold separately in the store.
You can also find them online at :

I also fell in love with this new hair style from (e) at Collabor88.  This is the Fight hair.  Here is a better angle on it.

Style Card:
Skin:  *Pink Fuel* Honey Pure           
Eyes: *Negaposi* Dreaming Eyes-UltraViolet
Lashes: *FTL* Eyelashes-C01
Hair:  *{e}* Fight- Bright Blondes
Shirt:  *MIEL*Tary Top- Peace
Skirt:  *MIEL* Tary Skirt- Peace
Shoes: *MIEL* FAR Boots- Solid
Earrings and Necklace: *Donna Flora* Occasus Set
Bracelet: *MIEL* Friendo Bracelet

Until Next time.................................................................♥ Ame

Monday, October 3, 2011

#86 Iren

I've been wanting to blog this for a while. I found this jumper suit at Iren. It's adorable and an easy look to wear to just about anything.

Style Card:
Skin:  *Pink Fuel* Honey Pure           
Eyes: *Negaposi* Dreaming Eyes-UltraViolet
Lashes: *FTL* Eyelashes-C01
Hair:  *Truth*Billy Jo
Jumper:  *Iren* Mrs Louise Overall Blue
Shoes: *katat0nik* Kita Mary Janes
Earrings: *Purple Moon* Feather Earrings - Air Tones

Until Next time................................................♥ Ame

Sunday, October 2, 2011

#85 Autum Look

I wanted to find a cute style for Autum and C'est La Vie gave me the cutest idea!  If you team up the new wool jacket and the frill vest, with a t-shirt, and some skinny jeans; you get the perfect fall style.

Style Card:
Skin:  *Pink Fuel* Honey Pure 
            *Pink Fuel* Doll Gloss (Blood)      
Eyes: *Negaposi* Dreaming Eyes-Melon
Lashes: *FTL* Eyelashes-C01
Hair:  *LeLutka*Oscar-Jessica
Shirt:  *][AV][*T- Shirt White
Vest: *][AV][* Frill hem Tank
Jacket: *][AV][* Jacket Wool Orange
Jeans: *Cracked Mirror* TightAss Skinny Jeans-Black1
Boots: *][AV][* Boots Gacci Camel
Earrings: *Donna Flora* Organica
Mouth Attachment: *Ey:No* Flamingo Glasses
Bags: *Epic* Lil Miss Patchwork Patty Lunch Bag Purse
            *Artilleri* 8-Ball Purse (seriously old school..might have to IM Antonia Marat to get this one)

Until Next time...........................................................♥Ame

#84 Good Morning from Severed Garden

Severed Garden released this outfit a few days ago.  It is named "Good Morning" and with all these attachments, you're bound to have a Good day.

You have several different options for colors (Cream, Green, Night, Rose, Sky, and Sun)

Here's a closer look:

It's pretty easy to see here that you get the full deal when you buy this outfit. And for my somewhat lazy is your link for the marketplace:

I have seriously been a fan of Severed for a year now.  Honestly, just when I think they have done it all...they "bring it" stronger with each new release. 

Special Note about the hair I chose to match with this outfit...Lelutka Jolie. I am smitten with this new hair.  I am recently finding LeLutka to be one of the more realistic finds for hair.

So keep it lazy...afterall it is SUNDAY!

Style Card: 
Skin:  *Pink Fuel* Honey Pure        
Eyes: *Negaposi* Dreaming Eyes-Azur
Hair:  *LeLutka*Jolie - Marilyn
Outfit: *SeVerd GarDeN* Good Morning (includes slippers, sleep mask, pillow, coffee, waffle, and teddy attachments)

Until Next time......your lazy sunday blogger.....................♥Ame