Monday, May 30, 2011

#32 Part 2: The Wedding Remembered

The wedding of Pixie and Dardevil Romano was the most beautiful wedding I have ever had the pleasure of attending on grid.  The scenery was amazing, the bride was gorgeous, the groom handsome, wedding party immaculately put together. And the cherry on top?...Everything went over without one little hiccup! Nothing..I do mean NOTHING fell apart. 
 (They are certainly not me, (lol), because I'm sure that any wedding of mine would be a laggy mooshy mess.)

If you have read my previous blogs, then you know that Pixie Honey is a sweet long-time friend of mine.  She has been a co-author of one of my first hair blogs. She is a constant support to this blog and an unwavering friend.
So of course, I have to share with you her wonderful wedding!

And our story begins:

I was one of the first to arrive and I took a seat in the front row on the bride's side.  When we arrived we saw Bender Hendrassen (best man)and Dardevil Romano (groom)  standing in front, waiting for the event to begin. Ben kept offering his flask to Dar, but Dar was on his own "happy-juice"....nice try Ben! Ha!

The wedding scene was lovely. And each attendant was glamorized and so well put together!

The Bridesmaids were adorned perfectly! Each of them carrying bouquet's of flowers in the brides favorite colors. They walked down the isle to "It's you" by Michelle Branch.

Our first glimpse at the bride was breath-taking as she joined her very best friend and Maid of honor Rayna Gorham-Hendrassen, at the rear entry-way. She waited quietly for the march to begin, as the song "This I promise you" by Ronan Keating began to play.

 Poised and gracefully she walked down the isle as the song played on. 

Then Pixie joined in front with her fiance'.  The officiator, Juliet Moonshadow, began the ceremony. 

Juliet Moonshadow: Welcome everyone, we have gathered here today to witness Pixie and Dardevil join each other in the blessed union of marriage. Their love is a celebration and this ceremony is to bond them in that love forever.
 "Today I begin to understand what love must be, if it exists.
When we are parted, we each feel the lack of the other half of ourselves.
We are incomplete like a book in two volumes of which the first has been lost.
That is what I imagine love to be: incompleteness in absence."

(and this blogger begins to cry...)

As the ceremony progresses, our Bride and groom exchange their own vows:

  Juliet Moonshadow: Pixie, please go ahead.
 Pixie Honey: Dar, you've always been my 'fortunate accident', the part of me that I never knew I was missing. Once we met, it didn't take long for you to find your way into my heart and before I knew it you had me completely in love with you. You are my reason to smile everyday, you never fail to make me feel special. You understand all my faults like nobody else could, yet you never ask me to be anything more then I am, instead you love me just for being me. My promise to you today, is to always try to show you just how much you mean to me, to always be there through any bad day, to always trust and support you, and to love you completely. I promise to always be your princess, your Pixie. I love you Dar, you are my home.

 Juliet Moonshadow: Dardevil, please go ahead.
Dardevil Romano squeezes Pixie's hand and looks deep into her beautiful blue eyes.

Dardevil Romano: "Someone once said, 'We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.' I've found my perfect person in you. I promise to strive to make you feel everyday, as special as you feel today. I will always be the rock you can lean on, the beacon of light when all else is dark. I never thought it was possible to say, but since I met you I know that I can promise to love you more everyday from this day forward. Most of all, I promise to be faithful, honest and cherish you every day of our lives.  I make these promises as a commitment to our lives together, which can be summed up in a final quote, 'Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward together in the same direction.' With you, I know I have a partner in love and in life with whom I can hold hands and walk side by side into the future, whatever it may hold."

(yeah i know...i cried the whole blasted time...good thing that the "glow studio's" eyeliner didn't smudge)

The kiss was EPIC! Time stopped and stood still for moments as we all watched him take her in his arms and kiss his Wife for the very first time.

And they turned to the crowd to see their friends in their first moments as man and wife.

Once at the reception, the Bride and Groom took the floor for their first dance. Dancing to the song "Feels like home" by Chantal Kreviazuk, while their friends watched quietly.

The reception was a huge party with live singers such as : Saintess Larnia, Lexus Melodie, ZDiva Sorbet, Chandra Deed, Clarice Karu, Taunter Goodnight, Krisie Snowdrop, JustinElias Anatra, and RB Hamelin.  We partied well into the night!

*Raises her glass*  Here's wishing this happy couple every happiness in EVERY world for all time to come! 

 (oh and since this is a fashion is what our bride was wearing!)

Style card for the gorgeous BRIDE:
Hair:  *Truth* Odette- Oasis
Hair Flower: *Artilleri* Hibi Hair Flower in Yellow
Necklace and Earrings:  *Burroughs* Falling in love  (Color change) Jewelry note: Bride chose White gold with topaz stones
Bracelet: *Alyssa Bijoux* Diamond engraved link hearts
Bracelet: *Burroughs* Premium Bianca Bracelet (in white gold with Coral and yellow pearls)
Wedding/engagement rings; *Zuri's Eternity Bonded Wedding Rings
Dress:  *Son!a* Lilian Bride (White)
Shoes: *Maitreya* Gold: Foxy pearl
Headpiece:  *Kimiko* K Jewelry:  Flower headpiece

Until next time..............your sappy cry-baby blogger........♥ Ame

#31 The Wedding of 2011: Pixie and Dardevil Romano (part 1--the guest look)

Yesterday 5-29-11 was the most beautiful day in every world.  I witnessed a love of a lifetime become solidified in the most lovely ceremony the Second Life Grid has ever seen!
The chills were all over this blogger!  And wow...the tears flowed!

So of course i waited until the very last minute to find just the right thing to wear. HA! (I only knew about this wedding for two solid months in advance)
So I put this look together for you.

I wanted something "springy"....and something subtle but gorgeous.  So I found this dress at Hucci and teamed it up with some great jewelry by Donna Flora. (I fell in love with the criss-cross design in the back of this maxi-dress, and the flowy skirt!)
  I was in a real fix for hair that would be flattering to the jewelry, so I went to and did the hair research.  Gogo had just posted new hair styles from Exile and THANK GOD SHE DID!

So I added this new hair style and it showed the Donna Flora jewelry perfectly!

Once I was finished, I thought this is a perfect style for any spring wedding.

Style Card:

Hair: *Exile* Annalise Roots (Stefani)
Skin:  *Al! Vulo* Erika Shine Bronze
Eyes:  *Jiji Firehawk* Very Blue Eyes
Necklace and Earrings:  *Donna Flora* Occasus
Bracelet: *Donna Flora* Samara Bow watch (Amethyst)
Ring: *Ey:NO* Lilie Ring
Clutch: *LOQ* New York Clutch  (purple)
Dress:  *Hucci*  Ruffle Maxi Dress (Purple)
Shoes: *Donna Flora* Milva Shoes

Enjoy!......................♥ Ame

Saturday, May 28, 2011

#30 New from Cracked Mirror, Chic Botique and other stuff....

Slowly I am gathering an obsession for new stores. I have forever been a shopper who shopped at three or four places. Lately things are-a-changin'.  I fell in love with Cracked Mirror when I found this cute little shop at Fashion For Life. Like many I waited for her to open her store. And lately she has been popping out some of my favorite new stuff.
So i put together this little outfit for you.

Let talk about this shirt/dress for a minute...
:::IrEn::: released this Retro Flower Shirt exclusively for Chic Boutique. I loved the look so i tucked the Cracked Mirror Daisy shorts under give it some realistic quality.

Lets go head to toe...

This hair is one of my favorites from Exile, Adele. The hat is color change so you get to mix it up with your favorite stuff and still keep that hippy-chick style. 

This is the newest release from Cracked Mirror, called the Divers Helmet necklace. I wear it in Platinum because I'm like a the shiny stuff.

 And of course the amazing Addictia Tropica Flip flops...

So that's it..short and pick of the day.

Style Card:
Hair: *Exile* Adelle/ash blonde
Skin: *AlVulo* Erika Bronze pink
Eyes: Aqua eyes by Jiji Firehawk
Shirt: * :::IrEn:::*  Retro Flower Shirt (sold exclusively at Chic Boutique)
Pants:  *Cracked Mirror*:  Daisy Cut offs
Shoes:  *Addictia* Tropica flip flops
Jewelry:  *Glow studios* round me earrings
                 *Ey:no* Lilie Ring
                 *Cracked Mirror* Divers Helmet Necklace in Platinum
                 *JD* Bracelet Inka blue
Mouth attachment: *Epic*  Drag n' Drop Polaroid Nom-nom

That's all for now. I'm cranking up the tunes and off to Second Life to shop!

Until next time........♥ Ame

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

#29 Broken hearts need Wings to fly

Five Finger Death Punch--Walk Away Lyrics

See FFDP Walk away video on

I'm sorry,
for the demon I've become,
You should be sorry,
for the angel you are not,
I apologize,
for the cruel things that I did,
But I don't regret,
one single word I said,

Just walk away make it easy on yourself,
Just walk away please release me from this hell,
Just walk away there's just nothing left to feel,
Just walk away pretend that none of this is real,

Could you forgive me,
if I told you that I cared,
Would you be sorry,
if I swore that I'd be there,
Please forgive me,
for laughing when you fall,
I'm so sorry,
but I never cared at all,

Just walk away make it easy on yourself,
Just walk away please release me from this hell,
Just walk away there's just nothing left to feel,
Just walk away pretend that none of this is none of this was real.

Can we just talk for a minute....i mean can i just banter...and you listen?
I can not begin to tell you what I have been going through in Second Life the last few weeks.  I've learned more about my heart and the hearts of those that I love.  I have seen so much hurt and sadness.  Sometimes we forget that people have real hearts in this world we create. 
For all the pain I suffered I did gain some great new friends. That is what i try to focus on...but it's not always easy..just sayin'.
So this Blog is dedicated to those friends who loved me and supported me in their own pain....and the song is for all those people out there who make victims out of the innocent. Who dub those who love them "crazy".  And Walk Away is the best advice I can give those who I love and who love me. Sometimes you can not heal until you just fly.

I put together this look from Fishy Strawberry, Boom, and AOHARU.

Love the Buckle Gladiators by AOHARU

Style Card:

Hair: *Milana*  Taylor II Light Blondes
Skin: *Al! Vulo* erika *red-yellow bronze
Eyes: *Fauntasia* Fauny Peepers (Ocean)
Earrings: *AMD* Childsplay Earrings
Tattoo: *Severed Garden* Jane-Mud Tattoo
Ring: *Magic Nook* - Music Ring
Lingerie Set: *Fishy Strawberry* Soignee Red 2011
Wings:  *Boom* Aranel's Wings (flared)
Shoes: *Aoharu* Enamel Buckle Gladiator

"The quickest way to receive love is to give; the fastest way to lose love is to hold it too tightly; and the best way to keep love is to give it wings."~Anonymous

Until next time...................................♥Ame

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Burlesque Movie Trailer

So I just saw the movie BURLESQUE and I loved it! Since we boast in Second Life, "that you can do everything in Second Life that you can do in real life and more!". I decided I had to bring it to the grid.

I pulled in two of my sweet friends: Essence Bilasimo (Center) and Aubrey Folland (on Right)

So we are going to break this hot style down by Model from Left to Right.

Amethest Peck :

(Had to put up quotes from the film on these pictures)

Style Card:
Hair: *Maitreya* Ymre-Scandinavian Blonde
Skin: *Al!Vulo* Erika Bronze red yellow
Necklace: *AMD* B&W Pearls
Bracelet: *AMD* B&W Bracelet
Outfit: *A&A* Fashion Bodysuit Black
Shoes: *G Fields* Open Boots (VILDA) Black

Essence Bilasimo

Style Card:
Skin/Shape/Eyes/Lashes: Filthy - Schooled
Hair: Maitreya Joy II - Color: Nuts
Clothing: INDI Designs - Rendezvous Pink
Shoes: N-core TEMPTATION XtremeHeel II "Galaxy" Black
Microphone: MMI - Singer

Aubrey Folland

Style Card:
Outfit- TGIS Burlesque Princess Red
Shoes- Stiletto Moody Bare Lana (Anniversary) v1.14
Hair- Maitreya  Ymre ll- Blonde Pack
Ring- Jcny-Unforgettable, Engraving Edition, Engagement Ring

A special shout out to Moxie Designs for the Burlesque stool with five Burlesque poses.  This was really an incredible prop for this shoot.

So, as you may have noticed, I really enjoyed the film and all the lights and bravada that go along with Burlesque performance.  If you havent seen the film, go rent it now!

Until next time................♥ Ame, Essence, and Aubrey

#27 ✿---Sometimes you just need flowers ---✿

I have always loved flowers with Hats, but when i saw this dress and hat combination from SoliDea FoLiEs...I immediately thought "ohhhh Lilac it like that!"  If you have never been to SoliDea FoLiEs (ie. store in SaliMar Sim) you really need to go.   It will change your views of sculpted clothing.  The designs are unique and amazing. 
So i teamed this look up with some of my favorite Jewelry by :::Line:::.
I also grabbed my two favorite rings by EY:NO. 
 EY:NO Lilie Ring

EY:NO Butterfly Ring

Of Course every outfit needs a fantastic pair of shoes.  So i went back to G Fields and found these Knot Wedge Sandals to set the look off perfectly.

And of course when you love flowers there is nothing better than a flower parasol.

Style Card:
Hair: *69* Olivia 04 Light Platinum Blonde
Skin: *Al!Vulo* Erika Green ink Bronzed
Eyes: *Fauntasia* Fauny Peepers (ocean)
Lashes: *glow* Clean Thick 04
Mouth Attachment: *Epic* Cutie Candy Heart Nom-Nom
Earrings: *:::LiNe:::* Hayat Earrings
Necklace: *:::LiNe:::* Hayat Necklace
Bracelet: *::je::suis::* Africain Bracelet Light
Rings: *EY:NO* Butterfly Ring
            *EY:NO* Lilie Ring
Umbrella: *Epic* Strange Daisy [Raining] Parasol Purple

Hat: *SoliDea FoliEs* Pink Margherita / Hat
Dress: *SoliDea FoliEs* Pink Margherita
Shoes: *G Fields* Knot Wedge Sandal (Silver)

Until Next time................♥ Ame

Monday, May 23, 2011

#26 ♥Makeover your Man on Monday♥

I recieved such raving comments from those who read my blog about the Makeover article, that i decided to go at it again. My lucky victim was the wonderful and always amazing Looker Lumet.
Looker's original look was good to begin with. He has made his own shape which is really amazing.  So i just decided to go back to Bad@ass and try a skin on him. I wanted to see if we could make him look even BETTER than he already did. I have to be honest when I say that I had serious doubts if we could improve.

Here is what we came up with:
The detail in the face went from Fizzle to SIZZLE!
Of course i was so incredibly proud of the new look that i took way to many pictures. So here you go....a Looker-show!
The detail in the skin shows the contour of the muscles and has a slight sheen to it...which is absolutely RAWR!

Looker is wearing a suit by Phoenix Rising that comes with the pocket watch.  The pocket watch has amazing detail.

Style Card:

Hair: * Bad@azz * Game - Black 1
Skin: * Bad@azz* (Mocha)  The Notorious - 0.Clean shaven
Shirt, Vest, Pocket Watch, and Slacks:  * Phoenix Rising*  Risk (RED)

Shoes: *GOS* Desert Boots (Black)

On a final note:  I have to say that Bad@azz has really impressed me with thier skins. The detail is amazing.  So drag your man to Bad@azz ...i do mean DRAG HIM!

Until next time.........♥Looker and Ame

Sunday, May 22, 2011

#25 Spicy Admiral♠ Sunday♠

Sunday's are my lazy i spent the morning discovering a new little store that I've never been to. Here is the look i created.

The shirt is a little clearer in this shot:

I was really pleased to see the detail in the skirt too. There is a visor hanging on the back and drumsticks too!

So i teamed this up with my favorite new shoes from G Fields.

So this is my Sunday Music loving style!  Happy Sunday guys!

Style Card:
Hair: *Milana* Dune (light blondes)
Skin: *Al Vulo* Erikka Bronze (shine)
Eyes: *Fauntasia* Fauny peepers (Ocean)
Earrings: *LINE* Dreams Earrings (pink)
Necklace: *LINE* Mystique Necklace (v2)
Bracelets: *ND*  Turquoise Multi-bracelet (3in1)
                *ND* Silver with turquoise beads

Fingernails: *Vextra* Supershine nailpolish (blueberry)
Hat: *Maitreya*Unisex Beanie (Black)

Shirt: *Spicy Admiral* Nerd Tee (unisex)
Skirt: *Spicy Admiral* Music Skirt (Pepper)
Shoes: *G Fields* Open Boots *Vilda* (Black)

Until next time...............♥Ame

Saturday, May 21, 2011

#24 ♀Saturday's Look ♀

Charlotte and i went to the Shoe Fair and found the cutest shirt by GRIXDALE.  This shirt is called the Deco Layered Necklace Top.   I fell in ♥Love♥ with it when i first saw it.   So we paired it up with some of our favorite denim.
Charlotte chose her favorite denim shorts by Myth while i teamed mine up with some of my favorite jeans by Nyte N Day.

Then we grabbed our favorite shoes at the fair and brought them here to show you.

Charlotte chose the Knot wedge sandles (black) from G-Fields.

I chose the Candy Mountain heels by Bottle Bird.

So when we put it all together....


Hair: *Truth*Nadine
Shirt: *Grixdale*Deco Layered Necklace Top- Sterling
Shorts: *MYTH*Black
Shoes: *G Field* Knot Wedge Sandal-Black

Hair: *Magika* (Blonde)
Skin: *Al!Vulo* Erikka Bronze (red-yellow)
Eyes: *Fauntasia* Fauny Peepers (Lilac)
Shirt: *Grixdale* Deco Layered Necklace Top (Frost)
Jeans: *NyteNDay* Shred Jeans Black
Skirt (lower picture): *Maitreya* Jules Jeanskirt Light
Shoes: *Bottle Bird* Candy Mountain
Ring: *Hucci* Spring Fashion rings (pink)
(Bandaids: *Reek*)

Until next time............♥Charlotte and Ame

#23 ♣Charlotte Monk♣ on TDR's new reset!

Charlotte has been at it again!  TDR did a new reset of their store yesterday. For those of you who do not know TDR, it is known as The Dressing Room. It's a store where designers create exclusive items and put them on sale for a reduced price.  It's a great place to find a quick outfit.
Here's the look Charlotte (my pro-shopper and assistant blogger) created for you today:

This great little dress is the newest release from [GIEREH].

  It's teamed up with new shoes from R.icielli.

She also has the new hair released by TRUTH yesterday and paired that up with a necklace/earring set by ZURI.

Lets break it down into a style card for you:

Style Card:
Skin: *LAQ* Phoebe 2-Nougat
Jewerly: *Zuri's* Only You Gem change Set
Hair: *Truth*-Eden
Shoes: *R.icielli*  Sophia Pumps Black/Red
Dress: * [GIEREH]* Anelise Dress Black/Red

Until Next time..............♥Charlotte and Ame