Sunday, January 18, 2015

#217 Nerdology

Oh Haiii there!!!! \0/ 
lt has been ages since my last post.  You know how that goes, we all get distracted on grid.  

l am so excited to tell you about a new venture from an age old friend of mine.
Lets talk: Nerdology!  
NERDOLOGY @ the Artist Shed   (<--url embedded ;P)

currently Nerdology ls located at "the Artist Shed" and "Top Shelf" events.

Pardon the graphics here because my PC is going downhill fast.  However l had to show you some of the stuff offered by our friends Azlyn Shamrock and Caro Dragonash

You can also locate Nerdology at this month's TOP SHELF event.
You wll see below a couple of the ltems available.

l have this Hover Bike and lt ls amazing!  l will be blogging that with other ltems from Nerdology.

Style Card:

HAlR: ARGRACE:  Ribbed Beanie

Eyes: {N} (Nerdology)  Stars n your eyes (blue)


Slink: Elegant hands

Lip ring:  {N} (Nerdology) Catch 'Em All Lip ring

Nails: Nerdology {N} SLlNK Spectrum Nail 

Sweater:  {N} Whovian Trail Turtleneck Sweater

Pants:  {N} Union Jack Corduroy Pants

Until next time  ♥Ame