Thursday, November 22, 2012

#206 Beusy Style!!!!!!!

I really love these new dresses from Beusy so I thought I would submit them in a separate post today.
These Mesh dresses are now available on the marketplace at Beusy
The skin in this blog is the same as the last, so you can buy it online at the Marketplace also.  It's the Evangeline skin and shape.  These dresses are adorable and they fit perfectly.
What I'm Wearing:
*Beusy* Evangeline Skin and Shape (Skin tone: Light)NEW*Magika* Today NEW*Cherry* K is for Kandy Bracelet Zodiac *(Glow) Studio* Kolia Spiked Necklace TDR NEW*(Glow) Studio* Boyfriend's Watch
*Yummy* Boho Ring Set (Maroon) Collabor88 NEW*Beusy* Mesh Dresses  (Top Lft: 12 o'Clock dress; Top Rt: My Honey Dress; Bottom Lft:  Conviction Dress; Bottom Rt: White Ombre Dress) NEW NEw New
*Toxic* Hiking Boots Black

Until Next time:.......................................................♥ Ame

#205 NEW SKIN and SHhhhhhhape For me!

Im so excited to be able to share this new skin with you.  BEUSY, one of my favorite designers, is branching out. This new Evangeline skin and shape from designer Colorless, is AME-AZING!!!!!!!!!
I chose the light skin, but there is also a Tan and Cocoa option.
The skin is just fun!  But as you can see, this is not our Normal shape. That is because I am wearing the Evangeline Shape as well! Woop Woop!

I am so serious when I say, this is truly a great look!   This blogger loves it.
More to come!!!!
♥ Ame

Sunday, November 11, 2012

#204 Demi

Severed Garden just released possibly the cutest outfit I have seen..ever! So this is what I'm wearing today!  I chose one of my favorite hairs from Magika and it fits the bill!
Dont you just adore the paper boat in my mouth!!!!!! And Frogs on the boots!!! Its just too cute!
Demi, Is available in Pink, Gray, and Aqua. I chose Aqua.
So now its time for you to go to Severed Garden!
It hasnt been posted on their Marketplace site yet.

What I'm Wearing:
*Pink Fuel* Elly (Honey)
*Severed Garden* Demi (Aqua) (Includes:hat, umbrella, coat, shirt, pants, paper boat, boots)
*Magika* Awkward

Until Next time................♥ Ame

Saturday, November 10, 2012

#203 Saturday Morning Style

I am completely in love with the new dress from Cracked Mirror. It's called the Woolworth Dress.  You can find it at Fameshed. 
I was just having a little fun with pictures and thought I would do a quick show of what I came up with.
I used the new Petite/Biggie Trellis Bench from Gatherings.
What I'm Wearing:
*Wasabi Pills* Brrree Blonde
*Cracked Mirror* Woolsworth Dress (Fameshed /November)
*Mon Tissu*  My Favorite Wool Tights (Oatmeal)
*G Field* Short Belt Boots  Black (retirement sale 50L)
*Lassitude & Ennui* Scorpio Necklace (Zodiac Event)

  Until Next Time......................♥ Ame

Saturday, November 3, 2012

#202 Ruffles

I love ruffles! Sometimes I just want to feel like a girl with an edge. So, when I saw this release from Cracked mirror, I had to have it. 

Cracked Mirror Starlet Corset and ruffle knickers are available in 5 color sets! They were a part of October Fameshed, but this blogger couldnt get to blogging in time. So go to the main Cracked Mirror store to get yours!!!!!!

What I'm Wearing:

*Iren* Janinie-Pale
*Magika* Volume
*(Glow) Studio* Albino Earrings
*(Glow) Studio* Boyfriend's Watch
*CM* Ruffle Knickers dual tone/ Blue
*CM* Starlet Corset  dual tone/ Blue
*Severed Garden* Bare Feet - Spring


Until Next Time..........................♥ Ame