Thursday, March 19, 2015

#218 Going to the Chappel

Hello everyone!! 
I am going to break away from the norm and just share a happy occasion. 
On March 7th I was able to be a part of a wedding.  My Second Life daughter "took the plunge" and  was married at 7pm SLT.  
As with all weddings it was filled with calamity and chaos.  I find that to be the very best part of any wedding.  I feel that if you have a perfect wedding in any life, your marriage will certainly fail.
If you can pantomime a lifetimes worth of heart-attack into one very special day, then you have essentially nailed down the entire marriage.  Because!! as we all know...Love is Blind, but Marriage is a REAL Eye-Opener.
March 7, 2015  Wedding of McGee Waddington  to Julianna Ireto
(my very favorite people in this strange world we love)
The Venue was planned by myself, in collaboration with Julianna Ireto (the bride) and a dear friend Cal Prefect.  The venue developed into exactly what we all Eden.

The wedding was in the Barn.  The small reception in the Atrium (pictured above) Photo Credits to :  Forestwitch Jinx (<--thank you...we love these photos)

We had the very best time. In this beautiful garden.  I love this Wedding Barn from  Trompe Loeil.  

I dont have a style card for the bride, but if you see something here you "just have to have!!" IM me in SecondLife or on FB.  I am always happy to help a reader.

Cutting the cute is this!!!!?

Liz Renfew and Lael Cazalet    getting Jiggy

So proud of this girl.

Thanks for letting me banter on and on!! 
Til Next Time   ....................................♥ Ame