Thursday, April 7, 2011

#6 Here comes Spring! Go to Severed Garden!

Here comes Spring! Go to Severed Garden! said NOW!

That's right Spring is here! Summertime is on its way!
Each year when seasons change the designers in SL step up the par and the colors in Second Life bloom!
Its not just the storefronts decorated with Easter fun, like the basket displays outside Nemesis, on the Tropical Bliss sim.

 The clothes take on color and fashion steps up into the light! Spring and Summer Fashion 2011 will be the best yet. I just know it! 

Severed Garden is one of the cutest shops I have ever seen in Second Life.  The designs of BUBI Bolissima and Berta Avro are the most creative sets I have found.  Definately 5 Stars in my book! 
Here are my favorites:

This is the Severed Garden Bambetta *Strawberry*.
The thing i love most about this outfit is the backpack. It also comes with a flowered prim belt and a flower for your hair. 

  Severed Garden: Aini Blue

This little number comes with boots and a basket belt. Perfect for any summer picnic that might include some swimming after.  Make all the boy's drool!

And Last but certainly not least:
This is the brand new release of  Severed Garden: ZOE...on sale now today....50L

Zoe is the hottest and newest release. It comes with ankle bracelets, rag-doll skirt, and two jacket options for the more modest and for the less modest (like myself). But what i Love about this outfit most:

THE BACKPACK!  Just look at this! It has a fishing rod, bird, bug-catching jar, rolled up blanket, and a loaf of bread.  AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

So, if you want to be cute and definately stand out in a crowd, go to
Severed Garden.   They have the most creative clothes I have yet to find!

Also, as a super accessorizing side-note:   I found these cute flops at +ADDiCTIA+

These are the Mocha Java flip-flops. They will make any summer outfit perfect!
Until next time Shop, Enjoy, and Have fun! Just sayin.

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