Monday, April 25, 2011

#15 Severed Garden did it again! Introducing JANE...

Anyone who knows me knows that {Severed Garden} is one of my favorite places to shop on the grid.   Well Berta Avro and Bubi Bolissima have done it again!  They just released possibly the cutest new GI Jane outfit ever created in our virtual world.

This outfit has character and style that makes any girl look hot and dirty!

I Absolutely Fell in love with the intricate detail work of this new find! 
Lets break it down :

Camo Hat with leaves
Mud Tattoo for face
Vest with Ammo pockets
Mud Tattoo for stomach that says "wash me" (bwahahahaha too kyoot!)
Baggy Shorts, Like rolled up BDU's
Belt with Compass and Grenade
And of course the Boots!

If you want this and want to get it right away...follow this link to the website to purchase.

until next time .....<3 Ame

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