Tuesday, April 12, 2011

#7 Poses, poses, and more poses...

Poses, poses, and more poses...

(Baffle Broken-heart pose)
I have been all over the grid looking for poses and pose-able items that I really enjoy. I started at the pose fair. If you havent been to the pose fair you should go! 
I have always loved pictures in Second Life and these items just add pizazz to your photos.  If you are not an avid shopper, it takes advice from friends or a true effort to find these things. So let's dish on some of my favorites.
(Baffle Sweet Leaf)
Baffle has some of the cutest items I have ever seen!  This is the Baffle Sweetleaf. It has three poses. I put this sweet leaf in my swimming pool. If you are into balloons there is a pose at Baffle called Dancing on Balloons that might entertain you.
(Baffle Dancing on Balloons)

Another shop I found was Glitterati. They have some really cute things there.

                                           (Glitterati: Fence)
 The fence is multi pose giving several users the ability to static pose at the same time.
(Glitterati: Tub)

Glitterati has a lot of different fun Photo props to use that are multi-pose. The tub is another one of those items.   This will only pose one person, but it comes with attachable bubbles.

Sways is another place you can find some fun and creative items.
This is the Pedicure Pillow. It is definitely my favorite item!

LISP Bazaar has a street lamp that I went bonkers over.  You can pose with or without the umbrella. It gives menu options that will allow you pose on a timer as well.

(LISP Bazaar: Streetlamp and Umbrella)
Model: Damien Valerik (contact in world for modeling availability)

And last but certainly not least:
Olive Juice
This cute little pillow will allow you to pose your avatar in 6 different poses.  The one you see below actually animates your avatar rocking back and forth.  I fell in love with these pillows.

(Olive Juice: Pillow freebie)

Until next time....shop, enjoy, and have fun! <3 Just sayin.

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