Wednesday, June 8, 2011

#37 ☼Yoga Wednesday ☼

I got up this morning and it was so pretty outside. Of course I had to go out and smell the fresh air.  So I grabbed my board, headed to the sand, and decided to do some Yoga.  This is the first time this year so don't laugh when I look like I am in pain. This Full Boat Pose isn't easy with all the cupcakes and M&M's in my diet.

The longer I searched for my inner Chi, I realized it must me hidden along with the remote to my television.

So lets talk a little about what I am wearing here.  Vitamin Ci is a cute little shop that i found at FFL this year. The colors in this Bikini just ☼POP☼ in the sunshine!

And of course I wouldn't dare go anywhere without my *ADdiCTia* flops!  Also just to let you know, this bracelet is the coolest I have seen. Thank you *Miel* for the Friendo bracelet!

Style Card:
Skin: *AlVulo* Erika Pink Bronzed
Eyes: *JiJi Firehawk* Aquaeyes
Hair: *Elikatira* Hye Light Blonde 02
Necklace:  *Ducknipple* Stashbash necklace
Earrings: *{Glow} Studios* Dotted Feathers
Bracelet: *Miel* Friendo Bracelet  (mine says Scar and Ame but you can put anything you want to on yours!)
Bikini:  *Vitamin Ci* Maya Blue Bikini
Belly ring: *Xcite* Tribal Belly Piercing
Sandals: * Addictia* Metro Sandals

Dreaming of the Beach!.............................
Until Next time.........................Your Yoga-tastic Blogger........♥Ame

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