Friday, August 19, 2011

#61 All New Cracked Mirror...All New Amethest Peck

Cracked Mirror has completely redecorated! I couldnt believe it when I popped in to her store to check out what was new, I thought I missed the store completely! HAH!  So i peaked in...and saw that she rebuilt her store on the Hide and Seek sim and it is fabulous!

This picture doesnt really do it all the justice it deserves, but it's so much more space. Things are easier to find.

--------------------------------------on another subject---------------------------------

So I suffered a little avatar identity crisis this week. I have been wanting a new shape for a while now. So I decided to go with a Juicy Bomb modify shape and make tweeks that suit me.

Then of course I needed a new look. So I hit Cracked for the newest releases.

I dont usually get excited about separates when I shop. (The complete outfits are the ones that flip my switch.)  But i fell in love with the newest Tank called the Weekend Glory Tank.  I teamed it up with her Daisy cut-offs. It was an easy mix.  Not much think-ology going on here.

With this side-swept hair by Milana, Lena, and a pair of Maitreya Gold Flip Flops, you get a complete look.

 Here is your style card:

Skin: *Pink Fuel* Elly <Honey> Pure
        *Pink Fuel* Doll Gloss Teeth (Blood)

Hair: *Milana* Lena Light blondes  
Eyes: *Shine* Silent Lucidity Spring

Lashes:  *aDiva* Couture Flashlight Drama Lashes

Earrings: *AMD* Tonic Earrings

Bracelets: *Fri.Day* Loop Bangles (Ebony wood)

Necklace: *Cracked Mirror* Heart of the Ocean (Platinum)

Shirt: *Cracked Mirror* Weekend Glory Tank (Arctic)

Shorts: *Cracked Mirror* Daisy Cutoffs (Faded Light)

Shoes: *Maitreya* Gold Flip Flops Bud

Until Next time............................................................♥ Ame

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