Saturday, November 3, 2012

#202 Ruffles

I love ruffles! Sometimes I just want to feel like a girl with an edge. So, when I saw this release from Cracked mirror, I had to have it. 

Cracked Mirror Starlet Corset and ruffle knickers are available in 5 color sets! They were a part of October Fameshed, but this blogger couldnt get to blogging in time. So go to the main Cracked Mirror store to get yours!!!!!!

What I'm Wearing:

*Iren* Janinie-Pale
*Magika* Volume
*(Glow) Studio* Albino Earrings
*(Glow) Studio* Boyfriend's Watch
*CM* Ruffle Knickers dual tone/ Blue
*CM* Starlet Corset  dual tone/ Blue
*Severed Garden* Bare Feet - Spring


Until Next Time..........................♥ Ame

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