Sunday, November 11, 2012

#204 Demi

Severed Garden just released possibly the cutest outfit I have seen..ever! So this is what I'm wearing today!  I chose one of my favorite hairs from Magika and it fits the bill!
Dont you just adore the paper boat in my mouth!!!!!! And Frogs on the boots!!! Its just too cute!
Demi, Is available in Pink, Gray, and Aqua. I chose Aqua.
So now its time for you to go to Severed Garden!
It hasnt been posted on their Marketplace site yet.

What I'm Wearing:
*Pink Fuel* Elly (Honey)
*Severed Garden* Demi (Aqua) (Includes:hat, umbrella, coat, shirt, pants, paper boat, boots)
*Magika* Awkward

Until Next time................♥ Ame

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