Thursday, March 31, 2011

#5 Things that remind me....


I remember as a child my mother purchased more band-aids than any other mother on our block.  I would wear them anywhere. Not only on my little scrapes and cuts, but all over me.  So imagine my joy when i saw these!
Grixdale offers these cute little ouch bandages in an assortment of colors! Oh and look at these! (I am sooooo excited about these!)
These are Reek's knee I heart bandaids!  You can choose the designs and the knee you want them on. Sometimes I wear mine on the left. Sometimes only on the right. And for days when I just feel unique...I wear them on both! You can mix these up and match them up with different outfits.  So fun! So Cool!

(Now for our next story)

When I was little the girls next door, who were just a few years older than I, taught me a few bad words.  You know how it is when you learn a new word and you're not really sure what it means? You just want to use it!  So when my father came home from work, and asked me to move my Big-Wheel from our driveway, I responded by calling him an "S.O.B".  This is what the result of that was:

Another of my favorite memories as a child was my first umbrella. I carried that thing around even on days when there was no cloud to be found in the sky.  So i completely fell in love with the Weatherbrella! It makes its own reason to carry it!

You can find this handy dandy item at <WorN!> and it even comes with a HUD so you can switch the weather!  As you can see in the first picture it was raining cats and dogs! HA!

And when I went to LISP Bazaar and saw this item! I just had to have it!
This is the Umbrella Boat! You and 5 of your friends can enjoy this adorable boat at home or at the beach. Hey, I'm putting mine in my pool!

Hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane. I'm still shopping for more adorable items! Until next time Shop, Enjoy, and Have fun! Just sayin.

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