Sunday, May 1, 2011

#16 Easy like Sunday Morning

Well its actually more of a Sunday Afternoon...
This week has been more hectic than normal but i was able to put together a fun-loving fashion ensemble that would make for a comfortable Sunday Afternoon.

If you are LOOKING for something to do....

Or just SITTING around......

Okay! so lets break it down:

Shirt: *Hollipocket* out of order (pinky)
Scarf: *Miel* Thin Scarf (Maroon)

Bag: *Tres Blah* Love Totebag

Pants: *Miel* Mo Linen Pocket Pants (Coal)

Shoes: *Miel* Flor Jane (Dark)

And there you have it! 

Style Card
Hair: *Tiny Bird* Two Weeks (Blonde)
Skin: *AlVulo!* Erika (bronze)
Eyes: *Fauntasia* Fauny Peepers (Ocean)
Earrings: *NicO Teen Love* Plugs (hate your negative shi*)
Scarf: *Miel* Thin Scarf (Maroon)
Bag: *Tres Blah* Love Totebag
Shirt: *Hollipocket* Out of Order (pinky)
Pants: *Miel* Mo Linen pocket pants (Coal)
Shoes: *Miel* Jane Flor (Dark)
Ring: *GJK* My favorite Flower ring
Glasses: (from top photo) *Deco* Swank Glasses

Happy Sunday Guys!  Until Next time.......................♥Ame

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