Friday, October 5, 2012

#193 GiveAWAY!!!!!!!!!

♪♫Helllllllooooooooo???? Is there anybody in there??? Just smile if you can hear me..Is there Anybody home???♪♫

HA! A quote from Pink Floyd, one of my favorite bands.

I think it applies here.
Sometimes as bloggers, we wonder "Is anybody reading this?"

So In honor of my inner voice's question. I am going to give away some COLD HARD CASH!

Rules and Regulations:
1) Contact ME! 
You have to IM Amethest Peck or send a Notecard to me in SecondLife. You can also email me at  You can also also, leave a message here. If i see you want to be entered,You will be.
2) Tell me where you saw my blog!
3) Tell me who your favorite designer is!
When I get 25 names....I will draw!
Good Luck!!!!!
♥ Ame

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