Tuesday, October 9, 2012

#198 Ame-lia Bedelia :)"

As a child, I can remember my favorite book character was this crazy house maid who got everything wrong! I think what I loved about her was the fact that she took everything so literally. When Amelia Bedelia went camping and Mr. Rogers say "Ok, lets hit the road." She picks up a stick and starts hitting the
Road.  Or When Mrs. Rogers throws a Shower for her friend...Amelia picks up the water hose and "showers" the guests. Hahaha! Or (my absolute favorite) when she is instructed to "dress the turkey" for thanksgiving dinner. So she puts little clothes on the dinner turkey.
I can seriously relate to her.
Anyway!!! In true Amethest form, I bring you "Ame"lia Bedelia...or my interpretation. 

This adorable outfit is brought to you by "Gatherings" designer Stacia Zabaleta.

The outfit includes the apron and feather duster. The shoes are sold separately. It comes in 9 different colors! So you have a lot to choose from.
What I'm Wearing:
Skin: *BCC* Kiko Peach (Dark)
Hair: *Truth* Soleil
Earrings: *Donna Flora* Organica
Full outfit: *Gatherings* Maid (Black)
Shoes *Gatherings* Bobby Socks Stiletto's
Bandaid: *Reek* I heart bandaid Knees
This outfit is also available for petite's and busty avatars!
(as shown above...picture of Stacia Zabaleta~designer) 
For more picture you can link to MY FLICKR PAGE.
Or for more information on Gatherings, you can connect to the Gatherings Blog.
Until next time..................♥Ame

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