Monday, March 28, 2011

#3 Artilleri for fashion and home!

Have you been to Artilleri?

Artilleri: Marla Glasses *blue*
OK Lets get our glasses on! What!!!!!!!! you don't have Glasses?! WELLLLLLLLLL....
                                   Artilleri has some really cool Glasses!

(all Artilleri photographs were shot at Artilleri on the Artilleri sim)

Style Card:
Artilleri: Elspeth Cardigan* Brown*
Artilleri: Othelie Blouse *Lime*
Artilleri: LuLu Bracelet
Artilleri: Zara Skirt *Brown/Blue*
Artilleri: Wooden Bracelet (color change menu available)
Artilleri: Double Cherry Necklace *silver*
Artilleri: Rose Hair Flower *pink*
Artilleri: Bead Hoop Earrings
(hair is Artilleri: Dallas light blonde ---not seen in store, perhaps its retired.)

Artilleri is a great place to find all the cool stuff you can't seem to find anywhere else. Take this phonograph for instance:
This is definitely on my Wish List!  So much fun as a photo-prop or even for those of us who just like to hang out and listen to music while we're in world. This is one of those "gotta have it" items on my list.
Or Perhaps you want your house to resemble something that your grandmother would have decorated back in the 1950's or 60's...well you just can not do that without yard flamingo's!
or without this adorable ironing board!

Artilleri is a great place to shop for all your favorite items. Antonia Marat brings style and pizazz to the grid.  Her Rock-a-billy/1950's style makes it one of the most fun sims to shop in.   Teleport into the main store or take a right to visit Artilleri Home OR take a left and visit Surf Couture (another of my favorite stores for fashion)

One of my favorite little items over at Artilleri Home is the Tiki Bar!
It's not only adorable in or outside of any come with all the treasures! Water and drinking glasses,  Blender, Tiki Bar with stools, Fruit Bowl...and more!

And if you're in the market for a great house to rent, definately check out her houses.   They are set in the quietest little street settings. Contact Antonia Marat in world for more information.

And at the very end of the day, there is nothing better than a ride on a Bespa...
                   Until next time Shop! Enjoy! have Fun!....just sayin.

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