Saturday, March 26, 2011

#2 Hair-rific! A post on some of my favorite hair spots in SL...


A few days ago I was dancing at Twilight Live, a great little music venue in secondlife that features live artists.  Pixie Honey is one of the management staff there and is also one of my sweetest life-long friends in SL.

     (Pixie Honey featured Advisor/Friend on this blog wearing Exile: Steph: Light Blondes)

 While we were dancing we had a conversation about hair.  Since Pixie is my personal hair guru, she and I were reviewing the stores we shop at.  I brought up the two major hair players in our game ...Truth and Magika. I remember commenting to her that I wish there more designers out there that provided the same quality style. After long research, store shopping, and reading blogs as listed in my followed it is....These are some of Pixie's hot picks and a few of my own:

Some of Pixie's Favorites: (from top left to right; bottom left to right)

Truth:  Style choices:   Lanie, Blake, Estelle, and Krystal

Ame's picks: (from top left to right; bottom left to right)
Raspbury Aristocrat: Asuka Hair: Blissful Blondes Yelena: Blonds
Dernier Cri: Aya: Blondes
Truth: Mandy: Light Blondes
Truth: Neve: Light Blonde
Magica: Ren: Blonde
Okay, lets recap the places i have mentioned.  Truth, Raspberry Aristocrat, Magika, Dernier Cri, and Fri.Day.  In addition to these great little places there a couple of others i have found that are worth looking at....Exile (as seen in Pixie's picture above). Thanks again to Pixie Honey for her great hair advice and knowing just where to shop inside the grid!  I'm sure there are many more...and i will be out looking for them.

Until then Shop! Enjoy! have Fun!....just sayin'.

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