Monday, March 28, 2011

# 4 C'est La Vie!

A few days ago a sweet friend of mine took me to a tiny mall called Petit Pas Mall. I found this unique little store called C'est La Vie.  So i decided to take the landmark to the main store. There is so much in store for you there at C'est La Vie! 

                You can also find Shoes by G Fair at Petit Pas Mall,like these:
                                  (Squared toe shoes *rose* GFair)
          When you get to C'est la Vie be sure to pick up this great little dress:
                                    (C'est la Vie: Florals Mini-dress *rose*) 
This is a limited edition dress that can only be found at C'est la Vie at Sounds Gravis Beach mall. It has a matching hat, leggings, and shoes. (not shown here)

Another great find is the League Wanderer Necklace/Bracelet set  found at the Market Place online. (Also comes with Earrings not shown here)

I also went over to Mon Tissu and landed this really cool jean jacket!
                                            (Mon Tissu: Porter Jacket *used*)
And for the Piéce de Résistance!  This adorable ring from [EY:NO] called the Lilie Ring.
Until next time...Shop, enjoy, and have fun! Just sayin'.

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