Friday, March 25, 2011

#1 Yay! I'm officially a fashion blogger!

Welcome to the Apecks Exposé!
I am Amethest Peck.  I have been shopping in Second Life for over 5 years. And each new release gets more exciting than the last. I have so wanted to do something to contribute to the sl society and thanks to the genius of one Cracked Mirror, here i am!

(Cracked Mirror is the Friend/Advisor on this Blog)

There is nothing better than finding a stellar item at a great deal!
And here is where I will post some of my favorite finds throughout the grid.

(shirt) Atomic:  Love Affair (color Brick)
(pants) Zaara: Mala *freebie* (<--yes i said freebie! check the front of the store ;))
(shoes) Surf Couture: Freedom flops Original (one of my personal favorites for spring and summer)
(necklace) Cracked Mirror: Heart of the Ocean (color platinum)
(earrings) Apple May Designs:  Tonic Earrings
(rings) Hucci: Spring Fashion Rings
(hair) Truth: Gwyneth (platinum)
(photo prop) Baffle: No Place Like Home

Heart of the Ocean Necklace (color platinum):

(foot note: if you are searching for Cracked Mirror right now, stop!  lol...the store isnt opened yet. However, if you just cannot live without this little item, IM Cracked Mirror in world. Her store is soon to come on the Hide and Seek Sim. I will be posting as soon as her store is open. Stay tuned!)

Hucci released these rings this spring; there is also a version with a clutch. These are the cuteset, fanciest rings i have ever seen.  There is an assortment of colors to choose from so if you prefer Pink or Blue...the choice is yours.

I am working on pulling together a list of my favorite stores. So with that said I will list them here.

Artilleri:  The amazing designs of Miss Antonia Marat are second to none. Definately a must see! 

These are just a few of my newest favorites...Shop! Enjoy! have Fun!....just sayin.


Pixie Honey said...

Yay! Good luck with the blog miss Ame! Hugsssss

Amethest Peck said...

awesome! i will definately check it out!