Friday, May 25, 2012

#129 Good Morning Blog Readers

Good Morning all of my blog reading friends!
I went through my inventory and found a really cute outfit from Awram Vie that I just had to share today. I will make this a quick one!

I was feeling particularly random and fierce today, so I thought I would give my girly look a bit of an edge today. 

Style Card:
Hair:  *Ploom* Mile High Pony- Blondes1
Skin: *Iren* Janine-pale
Lipstick: *PF* Elly Chai-Glam Lipstick-Cherry
Lashes: *FTL* Eyelashes- C01 Natural
Shirt:][AV][ White shirt with black vest 4
Skirt: ][AV][ skirt red frills
Leggings: ][AV][ socks type boder grad
Boots: *Bitch Tail* Black Combat Boot
Necklace: *Cracked Mirror* Heart of the Ocean- Red
Earrings:  *Donna Flora* Organica (sold with Organica set)
Coffee with Pose: *Baffle* It's Coffee Time #2

And there it is !!!  Friday style from yours truly!

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