Friday, May 25, 2012

#130's Pay it forward challenge! Tag you're it!

Lets talk, shall we?

I may be just another blogger on the scene in Second Life, but I take great pride in how far I have come since I first posted in March of 2011.  No one gets anywhere in this world (real life or second life) without the assistance and influence of the "greats". 

I chose to "Pay it Forward" to Juicybomb writer Gogolita.
I have to say that I have the utmost respect for Gogolita and her work as a blogger/ designer /sim developer, etc. And let's keep in mind that I have never actually spoken to her. (but am a huge fan)
I find that her blogs keep the buyer informed.  Most of us do not like to read negative or derogatory remarks about designers or designs.
 I, for one, choose simply not to wear some things or blog them because I simply cannot work around a flaw. But Gogo, she's not like that. 
Gogo actually tells you! I admire that. 
So I am waving my flag for her!
 Here is the thing, my want and need to be informed. Sometimes being informed means knowing that there is a flaw and how to work around it.  So my sailor hat (from katat0nik...ref article post May 20,2012) is off to you, Miss Gogo-licious-lita, for your candid honesty and ever informative posts.
I picked up this outfit shortly after reading her post on the Sailor Bikini, from Kat0tonik. It really is adorable.
 (she chose pink, i went with blue, but for my best friend Eden Huntress...yes they do have it in lime green!)

Juicy Bomb is really a blog for both the buyer and the blogger. This is something that we might take for granted. Many of us are simply bloggers for the buyer. So before you read her blog and put on your "angry eyebrows", open your mind and remember that you might just learn something. :)
We Love you Gogo!
So, in good form and keeping with the challenge, I now challenge you.  

The Pay It Forward Project

Lately it feels as if Second Life has been filled with a lot of drama, negativity, and all around…BLAH! I know I for certain have contributed and adopted this new negative attitude, and I want to erase it not only myself, but anyone else who feels they are in need of a little positive uplifting as well. So here’s the scoop….
Each week I will pick one person in the Second Life community that I feel has displayed a positive attitude and an overall kind nature that week. I will then offer to do a free portrait for them! I will post my photos to my flickr under the title “Pay It Forward Project” with a little excerpt about how they caught my eye. I will then encourage that person to “Pay it forward”, this can be by giving a simple gift, a kind word, a photo, etc… It can be anything as long as it’s positive and encouraging. Then…the person you paid it forward to, should be encouraged to pay it forward as well, and so on…and on…and on…
I really encourage you to join up with The Pay It Forward project! Whether you are a designer, a photographer, a blogger, or just someone who is capable of giving a kind word to someone, join up!
Feel free to spread the word, copy this image, and this information!
I know drama, negativity, and overall blah-ness are just a part of life, and also a part of any community… but I also know that a little bit of encouragement and a little positive reinforcement can go a really long way.
Start up your own weekly pay it forward chain! I look forward to seeing who you find! <3
           And always remember your Reek Band aids!  Namaste! ♥Ame 

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