Sunday, October 23, 2011

#94 Couples Poses...and a new contributor "Ampersand"

I was out doing the Seasons Hunt today and I hit all the major name stores that I am truly fond of. Can I just say that "I hate you Pete the Pumpkin". I can not seem to rez well enough to join in the Hunting fun. So I gave up. Best of luck to you other hunters. I sissied out!

Sooooo anyway....
I was at Shag and this new set of poses in the front of the store really caught my eye.  Apparently the designer/store name is Ampersand. There are a couple of poses available there for Free.
The others are on sale for 75L. (not like that is really a price..its more like a gift)

Break my arms around my love

This was the original pose that caught my eye...then these kept my interest.

Rapture Rapes the Muses

Requiem for a Dream

Of course I had to add a few of my own Touches...just like I would recommend for anyone who does their own photography in SL.

And you dont have to just take my word for it...there are other great poses out there by "not so talked about" BLue Goose.


There you have it!
Shop it up!

Just a little thank you to Kinkladze Ghost for being my Man-toy in this blog. Thank you so very much!

Until next time...........................................♥ Ame

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