Monday, August 6, 2012

#162 HolliPocket Teeny Kini's @ Pink Ribbon Fair

I finally had the time to go to the Pink Ribbon Fair!
The first thing that jumped out at me were these Teeny Kini's From HolliPocket.

You can find these at the landing point for the Pink Ribbon Fair.
They just jumped out at me as being the most adorable little designs!

So I added my new Pixel Mode Bare Feet (pour Le Femme) to the "kini's".

These come with an attachable shader HUD and ankle shaders.

The HUD attachment works great for the Pink Fuel Skin I am wearing.  I chose the O option. However it took quite a while for me to get the ankle shader just right. I also noticed that no one seems to have given exact instructions on how to get the ankle shader just right to match the skin. And since I am not as graphic savvy as some bloggers, I won't be the one to tell you exactly how to shade.  But I will tell you what I have.

Put your Ankle shader on First! And match that to your current skin. Then Match your feet with the hud last. 

Instructions to get you started:
Go into Appearance Mode
Then, choose socks or tattoo (which ever ankle shader you have chosen)

Select Color Tint

Now.....My color tint menu says Red: 204, Green: 148, Blue: 120; Hue: 20; Sat: 45; and Lum: 64

If you start somewhere around will help with your shader. Then use the slider to match the skin.

That's how I roll! Haha!~

Anyway that's how I matched the Pink Fuel Elly Angelic (honey) skin I am wearing.  I hope it helps you!

Until Next time......................................♥ Ame

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