Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Burlesque Movie Trailer

So I just saw the movie BURLESQUE and I loved it! Since we boast in Second Life, "that you can do everything in Second Life that you can do in real life and more!". I decided I had to bring it to the grid.

I pulled in two of my sweet friends: Essence Bilasimo (Center) and Aubrey Folland (on Right)

So we are going to break this hot style down by Model from Left to Right.

Amethest Peck :

(Had to put up quotes from the film on these pictures)

Style Card:
Hair: *Maitreya* Ymre-Scandinavian Blonde
Skin: *Al!Vulo* Erika Bronze red yellow
Necklace: *AMD* B&W Pearls
Bracelet: *AMD* B&W Bracelet
Outfit: *A&A* Fashion Bodysuit Black
Shoes: *G Fields* Open Boots (VILDA) Black

Essence Bilasimo

Style Card:
Skin/Shape/Eyes/Lashes: Filthy - Schooled
Hair: Maitreya Joy II - Color: Nuts
Clothing: INDI Designs - Rendezvous Pink
Shoes: N-core TEMPTATION XtremeHeel II "Galaxy" Black
Microphone: MMI - Singer

Aubrey Folland

Style Card:
Outfit- TGIS Burlesque Princess Red
Shoes- Stiletto Moody Bare Lana (Anniversary) v1.14
Hair- Maitreya  Ymre ll- Blonde Pack
Ring- Jcny-Unforgettable, Engraving Edition, Engagement Ring

A special shout out to Moxie Designs for the Burlesque stool with five Burlesque poses.  This was really an incredible prop for this shoot.

So, as you may have noticed, I really enjoyed the film and all the lights and bravada that go along with Burlesque performance.  If you havent seen the film, go rent it now!

Until next time................♥ Ame, Essence, and Aubrey

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