Monday, May 2, 2011

# 17 Magic Nook Monday

Im so excited that i just cant...omg...i gotta tell them about..
Thank you Magic Nook for my new MAGIC 8-Ball! This thing is amazing! If you ask a question and click it, it will animate your avatar (shaking gesture) and then Answer! Pure Genius!  Especially for me, who uses the magic 8-ball in every world (and for all major decisions...sad but true).

Today's ensemble was bought at The Dressing Room, Minx, Chic Limited, and Magic Nook....Thank you Damani viewer for your Youtube Capabilities....
Todays theme song is Shake it by Metro Station

                                                   Style Card:
Skin: *AlVulo* Erika Green Ink (bronze)
Hair: *Exile* Petra (harlow) -exclusively at TDR
Glasses:  *Epic* Girly Geek Glasses odd
Mouth attachment: *Magic Nook* pencil Freebie
Head attachment: *Magic Nook* Book Freebie
Earrings: *tdr* bows (blue)
Necklace: *belballs* Disc Charm Necklace (Cherry Blossom)
Dress: *Baiastice*  Azue (black shirt and taffeta skirt)-exclusively at TDR
Hand attachment: *Magic Nook* Magic 8-ball
Shoes: * Minx* Sassy Baby MJ's (black)

(Background shot at Dreamscape II--rentals available.  Contact Venus Expedition or Amethest Peck for rental information.)

Television: Damani Viewer

Furniture: *Tiki Tattoo* Hanaloa- Sofa Accessories 

So Pick up your Magic 8-Ball, crank up the tunes, and SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE ~a~SHAKE IT!

 Until Next time.....♥Ame

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