Friday, May 20, 2011

#22 Makeover your friend~ Friday!

We all have friends in Second Life who are cute but could use a little love when it comes to decorating their avatar.  Don't say that isn't true! I know we all can find at least one person on our friends list who could use some
So this is what i did.
I have this great friend named Will who needed some help....don't believe me? hahah!
Seeeeee what i mean!?

So i took Willerz shopping.......
He bought a new clothes....and here is the look we came up with....
He went from Drab to FAB! Smokin hawtness.....!*sizzle*

Introducing the new and improved WilliamD McGinnis!
Isn't he hot!?

I was so proud of my work  that i just couldn't stop taking pictures! I was too excited.

Here is Will's style card:

Skin:  *Bad@zz* Mocha Clean Shaven
Hair: *Truth* Drake Streaked (Crow)
Shirt: *UrbanRepublicCo* Blue Plaid Men Shirt

So there you have it! 
Guys: If you have questions about the look IM Amethest Peck (me) or WilliamD McGinnis inworld.
Girls: Yes, he is single...any other questions about his social stature should be directed to him. (wink)

Until Next time..........♥Ame

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