Monday, May 23, 2011

#26 ♥Makeover your Man on Monday♥

I recieved such raving comments from those who read my blog about the Makeover article, that i decided to go at it again. My lucky victim was the wonderful and always amazing Looker Lumet.
Looker's original look was good to begin with. He has made his own shape which is really amazing.  So i just decided to go back to Bad@ass and try a skin on him. I wanted to see if we could make him look even BETTER than he already did. I have to be honest when I say that I had serious doubts if we could improve.

Here is what we came up with:
The detail in the face went from Fizzle to SIZZLE!
Of course i was so incredibly proud of the new look that i took way to many pictures. So here you go....a Looker-show!
The detail in the skin shows the contour of the muscles and has a slight sheen to it...which is absolutely RAWR!

Looker is wearing a suit by Phoenix Rising that comes with the pocket watch.  The pocket watch has amazing detail.

Style Card:

Hair: * Bad@azz * Game - Black 1
Skin: * Bad@azz* (Mocha)  The Notorious - 0.Clean shaven
Shirt, Vest, Pocket Watch, and Slacks:  * Phoenix Rising*  Risk (RED)

Shoes: *GOS* Desert Boots (Black)

On a final note:  I have to say that Bad@azz has really impressed me with thier skins. The detail is amazing.  So drag your man to Bad@azz ...i do mean DRAG HIM!

Until next time.........♥Looker and Ame

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