Tuesday, November 22, 2011

#111 Attached to Attachments Crazy Tuesday Look

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On with the show....

I love attachments. I would attach something to every single part of my avatar if it didnt prevent me from moving!

I had so much fun shooting this blog!
These are some of my favorite Attachments. 
Intrigue and Reek are my two favorite stores to shop for fun JUNK!

These Hypno Shades you can find at Intrigue.

My biggest weakness in every life is the Cupcake. So when i saw this shirt from Reek, I had a laugh. Then I bought it in every color. HA! You should have one too! The cupcake graveyard tee is amazing.  Then I teamed it up with my favorite crop cut jeans from Bukka. Where else are you going to find that kind of detail. Bukka is up and coming. Expect great things from them.

Who knew you could fight hand puppets in sl? These gloves by Intrigue are incredible.  (Orca and Shark gloves)

If they drag you in the water, then you will be completely safe by wearing your swimmies by Reek. These come in an array of colors, you can mix and match them.  This way you are sure not to drown...oh wait you cant drown in secondlife. are certain to look adorable while puppet fighting in the bottom of the SL ocean.

Everytime you get a box from Intringue you get the cutest box opening pose. Seriously funny!

Here's the style card for this nutty outfit:

Hair: *Shag* Love is a Battlefield (Platinum)
Shirt: *Reek* Cupcake Graveyard Tee- Blue Faded
Necklace: *Pepper* Basti Olive
Headband: *Pepper* Sweet Cupcake Gacha
Earrings: *PM* Tribe Earring Silver/Purple/Magenta
Pants: *Bukka* Harf Denim Jeans with Leather belt
Boots: *Miel* Far Boots Solid
Socks: *StarDust* Try My Angle Thigh Sock (Pink)
other items:
*Reek* Swimmies
*Intrigue* Hypno-Shades
*Intrigue* Orca Gloves and Shark Gloves

So go find your favorite attachments and tell me about them!  You can now find Apeck Expose on FACEBOOK

Until next time................................♥

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