Thursday, November 17, 2011

#107 BDR Baby its cold outside...time for a change...

It's time for a change. So Secondlife released Viewer 3.  It's time for this blogger to go back to the Secondlife viewer and finally let go of my old worn out Phoenix viewer. All of the new stuff i love is a large blob on my screen.
Saying goodbye is so hard for me...but its time to get on the mesh bandwagon! 

So this is my last and final blog on my old phoenix viewer.

I had so much fun looking around at the sims that really flake up for winter. I know, really lame joke.

This adorable winter set was recently released by Beautiful Dirty Rich. You can locate their store easily online at

There are quite a few colors to choose from (cyan, blue, black, purple, grey, camel, red, brown, and pink).

Style Card:
Skin: *Pink Fuel* Ember (Honey) Cherry
Hair: *Pr!tty* I'mma Little Tease: Iced
Earrings: *Donna Flora* Adele earrings (Adele Diamonds set)
Outfit (Jacket, jeans, boots, ear muffs): *BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich) Baby its Cold outside *Brown)

Until Next time....from a MESH viewer.....................♥Ame

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