Saturday, September 29, 2012

#189 Geeky School Girl

I never really know how the look will end when I start putting something together for a blog. This outfit just kind of happened on it's own.
I just added hair to this adorable outfit!
Another Happy Accident in the book of Ame.
I was shopping online and found this adorable school girl outfit!
It comes complete (Shirt,vest, collar, tie, stockings, socks, shoes). You even get a stack of Books!!!! (but i didnt wear them for this photo shoot)

You can buy it here:

Dark Midday Designs at SL Marketplace

I could not find the store Inworld for you...sorry ´⊙︿⊙`.

To Get the bigger Picture: see my FLICKR PAGE
What I'm Wearing:
*Rozena* Ai(peach v2) Baby Gloss Natural
*Amacci* Gaze Eyes- Clear Green
*BC322* Knit CAP (GIFT) Brown
*Dark Midday Designs* High School Girl's Uniform (Cute)

Until Next time.....................♥ Ame


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