Sunday, July 8, 2012

#134 Envious...ironic isnt it? we're gonna gossip now...

This week has been a little interesting. I was at one of our favorite hair design shops (Wasabi Pills) when this really sweet girl asked me "hey where did you get your hair?"  So that started a conversation! HA. Because we all know that I love to talk "shop" with new people.  Well... this girl, Jenna,  was super nice. The next thing I know I'm getting a random message from Shayna (who I didn't know) who is thanking me for telling Jenna about my hair.
 (Don't skip to the bottom just gets better...STAY IN THE CAR)
So as it would turn out our new friend Shayna is a blogger as well. She told me this story about a horrid woman who had my hair. She saw her in a club and asked her where she got the hair. So this girl tells Shayna in a very rude manor  "I don't like to tell people where I get my things. People try to clone my look all the time"
Is she that much prettier than your perfect avatar?
Who is this mystery hag?
Who is really that self absorbed that they won't share simple information.

Well you guys should read this little article from Shayna's blog.
 Shayna's not just a blogger, she's a designer for skins as well. (Talk about wrong move mystery hag...cuz now we're gonna talk about you!)

Anyway the hair is the MILE HIGH PONY from Ploom!
 I'm wearing it in this blog because it matches this adorable outfit from Envious. (ha! envious..great word...perfect that this hair matched up with the designer of the outfit I'm getting ready to tell you about.)

I think what I love the most about this outfit is that it's complete. So many designers have gotten away from giving us the complete look. Don't get me wrong, I love buying shirts and skirts...mixing and matching...but I'm sentimental about the days when designers gave you a full look. Thank you Envious for giving us everything that we need.
It even includes the shoes.

These shoes are too cute!  They match the outfit and other stuff in my inventory. So you might see these shoes again.  If I ever take them off.

So here is my advice for the week.  Want to get some attention at the club?....go to Ploom..get the Mile high Pony in your color...then go to Envious...and grab this outfit. It really works. I tried it out. (but that's a different story) TRUST ME! This outfit will work for you!

What I'm Wearing:
Hair:  *Ploom* Mile High Pony- Blonde
Skin: *Pink Fuel*Ember Mod
Clothes: *Envious* Moments in Time (Bra, choker, dress, shoes)
Necklace: *MG* Heart Key Pendant (Gold)
Earrings:  *Artilleri* 3 heart earrings (Black)

Until next time...................................♥ Ame