Wednesday, July 25, 2012

#149 Humanoid? Just add Pepper

After shopping at Pepper, I wanted to take a little journey around SL and find some great places.  I ended up landing in a lot of different sims that were either totally crowded with people or just did not offer photo opportunities.

So I did some looking and found this place called HuMaNoiD. When you rez into the landing zone, you are in the center of a circle of doors. Each Door takes you to a new place. Like a select group of dreams. Each door goes to a different unique little place.

This was the photo opportunity I needed!

I love to get lost in a sea of flowers. And one of the rooms was just that. Well not also had a little cirque du soleil feel to it.

You will also encounter a room of spinning violins. AMAZING! I cannot even describe this to you in a way that you would imagine these places. It is just simply amazing.

So lets get down to the Look. Here is a closer look at what I am wearing. I decided for a more casual look today.

Oh now....don't worry....There will be more about HuMaNoiD from this blogger. I intend to spend a great deal of time exploring it.

What I'm Wearing:
Skin: *CandyDoll* Leona Cream -Zodiac Event
Eyes: *Armacci* Hair Fair 2 Big
Hair: *Magika* Volume 01
Necklaces: *Pepper* Cassette  necklace
                    *Pepper* Wooden Name Necklace
Bracelet: *Pr!tty* Summer Colorful Bangles (Free From Hair Fair)
Earrings: *(Glow) Studios* Decoy Cosmo Silver (TDR Blue)
Mouth Attachment: *Pepper* Sweet Cupcake Mouthie
Shirt:  *Pepper* Cozy Sweater-Brown-Handy
Skirt: *Pepper* Chunky Skirt-Jamaica
Shoes: *Mon Tissu* Provence Riding Boots--Dark Brown

Until Next ..............................♥

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