Monday, July 16, 2012

#139 Apeck's Choices from the Hair Fair!!!!

I finally made it to the Hair Fair!
It took me forever to get in and rez up, but It was an overall success.
I have a few to report:

Leverocci was a store I glanced in, simply because I love their clothing designs. I really like this new hair. It has a very soft look and was rather easy to fit to the avatar head. I usually buy the light blonde packs, but they offer hair in all colors.

Ohmai was a new pick for me. I have never purchased or owned any of their hair, but i really liked the bouffant look in the back.  The great thing about these hairs are that they are mod. So you can adjust the hair to fit your avatar head well.

Wasabi Pills has new releases as well.  I really love Wasabi Pills. They have a great way of taking a somewhat familiar hairstyle and adding character to it.  I also love the fact that it includes a color HUD where you can color the band and the pearls.

Elikatira is another one of my favorites. She also added a HUD to her hair for coloring the bands and pin in your hair.

These were my randomly happy picks from this years Hair Fair.
Hope you Enjoy them!

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