Friday, July 20, 2012

#145 Lazy Friday Quandry

Have you ever had one of those days where you feel lazier than the guy who designed the Japanese Flag? I mean, really!? 
I was having a quick afternoon conversation with Shayna Korobase, and then I told her that she would even look good in paperbag..which lends me to finding this paperbag at Jellybeans Toys' n Stuff.
 So I thought I would share my lazy day with you.

I was seriously feeling like paper bagging my i did. But I have to say that while I was doing the Fifty Linden Friday shopping, I found these great shoes at Milk Motion. They are so fun...IF you like Jelly shoes.

But for now I feel like wasting away in the sun in my Artilleri Bikini and new Keyhole sunglasses. The sunglasses are an item on the FLF shopping list for today. They are a great find!

What Im Wearing:
Skin:* PF* Elly (Honey) Angelic
Hair: *Elikatira* Balance *Brown*
Glasses: *Artilleri* Keyhole Sunglasses (yellow) for FLF
Bikini: *Artilleri* Nyna Bikini *yellow*
Shoes: *Milk Motion* My Cute Plastic Flats (Teal/Purple)
Head Attachment: *Jellybeans Toys 'n Stuff* Paperbag Mask
Totebag in sand: * Bonne Chance* Summer Bag
Beach Towel: *What Next* Brighton Beach Towel

Your Lazy blogger............................♥Ame

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