Wednesday, July 11, 2012

#136 Spanked skins...Feature interview with Shayna Korobase: designer

Not all of us are the normal flat-chested, moderate bosom-ed girls. Some are big busted girls! Well bring on the bosoms!
My newest friend is Shayna Korobase, the owner of SPANKED skins.

 She has been slowly educating this blogger about mesh implants for your avatar! There is even a magazine named "BUSTed", in which Shayna was featured for her skins. Spanked is one of a few places that cater to those who embrace the female Mesh implant breasts.

She is also beginning to make clothing for petites, having released new items just a few days ago.

  When I asked Shayna to educate me, here is what she had to say:

"So there are 2 kinds of implants for girls now, sculpt prim implants and full on mesh bodies.
With prim implants, there are many name brands like Lolas, ecorp, and Universal.
It's always good to ask fans of implants to help find the right pair for you.What's great about implants is at larger sizes they don't get blocky like the SL avatar boobs and they can do more... lots more ;)
It all depends on what you want them for. They are used for anything from BDSM to high fashion. The biggest problem with implants... is matching the skins. Because skins are so rare for implants, I created SPANKED. I make high quality skins at low prices that come with matching implant appliers for all major name brand implants."

I personally find it impressive when any designer wears their own creations. I see designers everyday who wear other designs than their own. If they will not wear it, why would you? (but that's a whole other blog..haha) Certain this is not the case with our feature designer.

"To me implants are just like any other part of Second Life. SL is about living YOUR dream life.  I feel you should be able to look anyway you like. Some take a look and stick with it, others (like me) morph and change looks some times several times a day."~Shayna Korobase

If you are interested in getting Mesh Implant Breast or even dressing your petite avatar, start at SPANKED. Great store!

Until Next time......................................♥Ame

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